How many endings does Resident Evil 3 Nemesis have?

How many endings does Resident Evil 3 Nemesis have?

Resident Evil 3 has only one ending, despite there being some choice-based elements close to the end of the game, and the fact that the original game it’s based on did have multiple endings. There’s no way to unlock any others, though there are consequences for beating the game that’ll effect further playthroughs.

How many endings are in resident evil nemesis?

one ending
There is only one ending in Resident Evil 3, so say goodbye to those alternative ending choices.

Why does nemesis always say stars?

He even occasionally grunts the word “Stars,” which is evidence of his increased intelligence. Meanwhile, Mr. X was tasked with recovering a virus sample and ensuring that there were no survivors in the Raccoon City Police Station.

How can nemesis always find Jill?

Nemesis has the same abilities, but it also has the ability to ambush Jill. It likely observes from high up, and then comes down when it has an opening. Channeling its inner Spider-Man, it then uses a tentacle to swoop down.

Which re3 ending is canon?

Ending A is canon, but all three are relatively similar. Endings B and C concern whether Nikolai lives or dies and feature Barry Burton flying the escape chopper as an easter egg. In Resident Evil 3 remake, there’s only one ending.

What characters are in Resident Evil 3?

Resident Evil 3 Remake: Overview of characters

  • Jill Valentine. Jill Valentine, a senior US special ops officer with the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, is one of the main protagonists in Resident Evil 3.
  • Carlos Oliveira.
  • The Nemesis.
  • Mikhail Victor.
  • Nikolai Zinoviev.

Who is at the end of Resident Evil 3?

At the end of the Resident Evil 3 remake, Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service member Nikolai Zinoviev reveals he was hired by an unnamed “client” – possibly scientist Albert Wesker, or the same mysterious corporation who employed RE2’s Ada Wong – to gather combat data on Umbrella’s bioweapons and destroy the …

What characters are in resident evil3?

Why Nemesis is after Jill?

The newly envisioned Nemesis loves ambushing Jill. She is, after all, one of its primary targets, since it was tasked with eliminating the surviving S.T.A.R.S. members still in Raccoon City. This time, it was a group of Zombies that killed Brad, so that just left Jill.

Why is nemesis so strong?

Nemesis has demonstrated the ability to use weapons, namely a modified FIM-92 Stinger rocket launcher as well as a large modified flamethrower. Near-Human Intelligence: He has a high degree of intelligence when compared to other tyrants thanks to the parasite assimilated into his brain.

Who Turned Into nemesis?

Nemesis was originally a human named Matt Addison. He was infected by a Licker during the events of the first Resident Evil film. In Resident Evil: Apocalypse the virus has fully transformed him into the Nemesis. He is armed with a rocket launcher and a six barreled mini-gun.

Is Resi 2 remake canon?

Like with the original remake, Resident Evil 2 (2019) brings it own changes to the canon. Unlike the original remake, it doesn’t really hold back and actually embraces editing the events of Resident Evil 2 into something more coherent and easy to follow.

What happens at the end of Resident Evil 3 Nemesis?

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis: Ending – YouTube Walkthrough part 44. Jill meets up with Carlos and they take the Chopper and leaves Raccoon City. As they fly off the missile is approaching and blows up Rac… Walkthrough part 44. Jill meets up with Carlos and they take the Chopper and leaves Raccoon City.

Does the Resident Evil 3 remake have a post-credits scene?

The Resident Evil 3 remake makes a number of changes and additions to the original game, including a brand new post-credits scene. The Resident Evil 3 post-credits cutscene appears to tease the next step for the series’ story, but fans are divided about who shows up in the ending and what game it could be teasing.

Is Resident Evil 8 the next re game?

According to recent Resident Evil 8 rumors, the next RE game was originally meant to be Resident Evil: Revelations 3, but it was turned into a full-on Resident Evil 8 after being well-received by testers.

Who will fly the rescue chopper in Resident Evil 5?

When later confronted by Nicholai on his chopper, choose to shoot his chopper down. Note – In Ending A, Carlos will be flying the rescue chopper. In Endings B and C, Barry Burton from the first Resident Evil will be flying the rescue chopper to pick up Jill and Carlos.