How many 9 dart finishes has MVG had?

How many 9 dart finishes has MVG had?

Michael van Gerwen – 24 Michael van Gerwen has managed to throw an incredible 24 nine-darters at PDC events in his career, with seven of these being televised. MVG became the first player to throw a televised nine-darter that did not start with a 180 scored, instead opting for 174.

Has anyone done back to back 9 dart finishes?

The leg after the nine-darter (the fourth leg of the fifth set) van Gerwen hit another eight perfect darts but missed the last dart at the double to achieve consecutive nine-dart finishes. Both shared the £15,000 prize.

Who got the last 9 dart finish?

Scotland’s William Borland made darting history at the World Championship by winning his first-round clash with a nine-dart finish on debut. Borland, from East Caulder, produced a storybook ending to his match as he edged out fellow youngster Bradley Brooks in a blistering tungsten tussle.

How many 9 dart finishes ever?

There have been 344 nine-dart finishes in PDC history since 1999. 2020 saw 29 nine-dart finishes, though only Phil Taylor and Michael van Gerwen have ever been able to hit two nine-darters in the same game.

How much for 9 darter in world championship 2021?

James Wade hit his first World Championship nine-dart finish and the first PDC World Championship nine-darter since 2016 in his third round defeat to Stephen Bunting….2021 PDC World Darts Championship.

2021 William Hill World Darts Championship
Tournament information
Prize fund £2,500,000
Winner’s share £500,000
Nine-dart finish James Wade

What is harder a 9 darter or a 147?

To get a 147 in snooker requires 15 reds, with 15 blacks, and then all six of the colours. A total of 36 shots without a mistake. A nine-dart finish by its very nature only requires 9 shots. You’ve got a ratio of 4:1 straight away.

Who is the best darts player in the world ever?

Darts: The 10 greatest players of all time

  1. 1) Phil Taylor. With 16 World Championships, Phil Taylor is the most decorated and the best player of all time.
  2. 2) Michael van Gerwen.
  3. 3) Raymond van Barneveld.
  4. 4) Eric Bristow.
  5. 5) John Lowe.
  6. 6) Gary Anderson.
  7. 7) Dennis Priestley.
  8. 8) John Part.

Is a 147 harder than a 9 darter?

What’s harder hole in one or 147?

147 is by far the hardest.

Who is the best darts player of all time?

Ranking the Top 10 Greatest Darts Players of All Time

  1. Phil Taylor. You guessed it – Phil “The Power” Taylor is officially the greatest darts player of all time.
  2. Michael van Gerwen.
  3. Eric Bristow.
  4. Raymond van Barneveld.
  5. John Lowe.
  6. Gary Anderson.
  7. John Part.
  8. Dennis Priestley.

How many 147s has there been?

To date, there have been 156 competitive 147 breaks made in professional snooker, dating back to Steve Davies’ maximum against John Spencer in 1982. 68 of those breaks have been televised.

Who is the oldest dart player?

The oldest competitive darts player is George Harness (UK) who at 98 years 346 days is still playing in the Old Leakes and District Darts League in Boston, UK, as verified on 18 July 2016. George started playing in 1938. He has played against darts legend Eric Bristow (UK) but unfortunately lost.

How many perfect darts does Michael van Gerwen throw?

17 PERFECT DARTS! | Michael van Gerwen throws 17 perfect darts! – YouTube 17 PERFECT DARTS! | Michael van Gerwen throws 17 perfect darts! If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Who has hit a nine-dart finish in PDC World Darts Championship?

Adrian Lewis achieved a nine-dart finish in the third leg of the 2011 PDC World Darts Championship final against Gary Anderson, winning £10,000. On 23 December 2012 at the 2013 PDC World Darts Championship, Dean Winstanley hit a nine-dart finish in the third leg of the third set in his second round defeat to Vincent van der Voort.

How old was Michael van Gerwen when he scored 174 at Wimbledon?

The event was screened live in the Netherlands. Van Gerwen was just 17 years, 298 days old at the time. The Dutch youngster scored 174 (T20, T19, T19) and 180, then checked out 147 with T20, T17, D18. Van Gerwen’s nine-darter was the first live televised nine-darter that did not start with two 180s.

How many throws do you need to win a darts match?

Thus 180 is the maximum score from a shot, and nine throws are the minimum necessary to win. Although many other combinations are possible, the traditional nine-dart finish requires a score of 60 (treble 20) with each of the first six throws: that is, with the first two shots of three.