How fast do Shishigashira grow?

How fast do Shishigashira grow?

‘Shishigashira’ is an upright, compact, slow-growing form that typically grows to 7-15′ tall over a number of years. Palmate, 5- to 7-lobed, crinkled, bright green leaves (to 2” long) grow in tufts along the stems. Foliage on young trees may appear sparse.

What is Shishigashira?

Shishigashira is a slow growing upright palmatum that has thick bunched-up, curled green leaves that give it a unique appearance. Shishigashira name means lions head, referring to the shape of the leaf bunches. Fall colors can be stunning golds and oranges turning eventually to crimson. May reach 18 feet tall.

How do you care for Shishigashira?

The Acer palmatum Shishigashira is a hardy tree that will thrive for many years with proper care. Water the soil under the Shishigashira Japanese Maple well until the ground is damp to an 8- to 10-inch depth. Repeat watering once per week for the first two years after planting.

Do Acers prefer sun or shade?

Purple and red leaved trees require a decent amount of sunlight to develop their rich, dark complexion, whilst green-leaved Acers tolerate full sun but do best with light shade at the hottest part of the day.

How do you prune a lion’s head Japanese maple?

Remove very small branches that grow up inside the lion’s mane, or crown. These branches and their foliage can lead to disease, according to Washington State University. Cut them off while they are small enough to remove with shears. Trim the tree when it becomes obtrusive.

Are acers better in pots or ground?

Japanese maples, or acers, are ideal for pots as they’re slow growing and make stunning focal points. As well as being easy to look after, they’ll reward you with feathery plumage all summer that slowly changes colour as the weather turns colder.

Does an Acer need ericaceous soil?

Acers need well-draining (but not dry) soil, with plenty of light and, most importantly, a great nutritional profile to help growth and foster those stunning scarlet leaves. As such, most gardeners choose ericaceous compost for acers, and many opt to use a specialist topsoil too.

How fast do Mikawa Yatsubusa grow?

The Mikawa Yatsubusa Japanese Maple is a miniature variety that grows just 3 or 4 feet tall in ten years.

What does Mikawa Yatsubusa mean?

‘Mikawa yatsubusa’ is a tightly layering dwarf green Japanese maple. In the spring, the leaves are bright chartreuse green with a red sheath to the petiole. This makes this dwarf with a layering shingle-like habit extremely beautiful. ‘ Mikawa yatsubusa’ is extremely slow growing and difficult to propagate.