How do you start the sword Quest in destiny?

How do you start the sword Quest in destiny?

To actually unlock the quest you must first complete the main story missions in Destiny: The Taken King. This includes Regicide, the final mission aboard the Dreadnaught where you face Oryx. Once you’re done that, you will need to complete another quest that’s called Dread Patrol.

How do I get the sword reforged quest?

A Sword Reforged (Part 1) must be completed before this quest will become available. The quest can be started by talking to Lord Shaxx while possessing an Arc Edge, Sol Edge, or Void Edge that has been fully upgraded and infused to 280 Attack.

How do I start the exotic sword quest?

To start the quest, head to the Tower and talk to Banshee-44. He’ll give you the Lost Lament quest and ask you to look into his mysterious past.

How many Hadium flakes do I need for the sword?

25 Hadium Flakes
When you speak to Shaxx about the sword he’ll ask you to bring him 25 Hadium Flakes and 10 Motes of Light. To gather Hadium Flakes you’ll need to head back to the Dreadnaught, as they are an item that cannot be found within our realm.

What sword does Shaxx have?

Raze-Lighter is an Exotic Sword introduced in The Taken King. It is the upgraded version of Sol Edge, obtained through A Sword Reforged. The blade came into the possession of Lord Shaxx at some point after the Taken War.

How can I get the sword in destiny?

Where to get Swords in Destiny 2

  1. Public Events.
  2. Killing Bosses.
  3. Killing Enemies.
  4. Reward for Completing Dreaming City Activities.
  5. Reward for completing activities on Mars.
  6. Exotic Engrams.
  7. Faction Engrams.
  8. Gunsmith Engram.

Where is Ecthar sword of ORYX?

Ecthar is encountered in The Asylum while on Patrol during the Quest A Sword Reforged, with Guardians attempting to draw out their Sword’s full potential. He possess an invincible shield that can only be broken and taken down by the player’s Sword, but while his shield is down he is vulnerable to all forms of damage.

Did Destiny 1 have swords?

Swords is a melee Heavy Weapon released in The Taken King. Players can not only swing the sword with R2, but also block with the sword by pressing L2. Speculation: Blocking with the sword reduces damage taken from enemy elemental attacks (Arc, Solar and Void).

How do you start a dark drinker?

It is obtained as a reward for completing A Sword Reforged, a quest that is acquired by speaking to Lord Shaxx while equipped with a legendary sword that has been fully upgraded and infused with an attack value of 280 or greater. Note: To receive the quest for Dark-Drinker, the equipped sword must be a Void Edge.

What is the broken will?

A Broken Will is a level 38 Quest obtained from Lord Shaxx which requires Guardians to patrol the Dreadnaught collecting twenty-five Hadium Flakes and ten Motes of Light to forge one of three Legendary Swords: Arc Edge, Sol Edge, or Void Edge.

How do you get a legendary sword in Destiny 1?

How To Get Legendary Sword | Destiny: The Taken King

  1. Unlock A Broken Will. A Broken Will is the mission you need to complete to get the sword.
  2. Complete A Broken Will. When you get the quest, go speak to Lord Shaxx.
  3. Legendary Sword Stats. All of the variants require you to be lvl 30 to use them and have 220 attack.

What was in Oryx’s sword?

During the story mission The Sword of Crota, the player picks up a Cleaver that belonged to Crota, Son of Oryx. This weapon is said to consume the Light of Guardians, but does not adversely affect the player during the mission, although the Ghost states that the power it has is dark which still has it’s hazards.