How do you read a ceramic capacitor value?

How do you read a ceramic capacitor value?

Ceramic capacitors usually uses 3 digits like 102, 103, 101 for indicating their values and the values are in term of Pico farad. The numbering system is easy to use, if you remember it is based on picofarads, not microfarads. If a ceramic capacitor has three digits – ABC, then the value would be AB*10^C Pico Farad.

What value is a 105 capacitor?

1,000,000 pF
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Marking Capacitance (pF) Capacitance (ìF)
224 220,000 pF 0.22 ìF
474 470,000 pF 0.47 ìF
105 1,000,000 pF 1 ìF
225 2,200,000 pF 2.2 ìF

How are ceramic capacitors labeled?

Ceramic disc capacitors like the one on the left are printed with a code. This code indicates what the capacitance of the capacitor is. The example capacitor has a 3 digit number printed on it (103). The first two digits, in this case the 10 give us the first part of the value.

What value is a 101 capacitor?

pF 0.0001 ìF
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Marking Capacitance (pF) Capacitance (ìF)
101 100 pF 0.0001 ìF
221 220 pF 0.00022 ìF
471 470 pF 0.00047 ìF
102 1,000 pF 0.001 ìF

What are the different marking and codes on the capacitors?

Some of these markings and codes include capacitor polarity marking; capacity colour code; and ceramic capacitor code respectively. There are various different ways in which the marking is done on the capacitors.

What is the tolerance capacitor marking code for an EIA capacitor?

EIA Tolerance Capacitor Marking Code Letter code Tolerance Z +80%, -20% – this is used with electroly M ±20% K ±10%

What is the difference between SMD tantalum capacitor and ceramic capacitor?

Markings of SMD tantalum capacitor: Similar to the ceramic capacitors, there is absence of markings which are observed in some of the tantalum capacitors. The tantalum capacitors only consist of the polarity markings. This is present in order to ensure the correct insertion of the capacitor in the circuit board.

What is the last number of the capacitor code 682?

The last number is the power of 10 and multiply with the first two no. If a capacitor has 682 code – first check the last no, here the last no is 2. Now the multiplier is 102