How do you qualify for Maclay Regionals?

How do you qualify for Maclay Regionals?

In order to qualify for the Regionals conducted by the NHSAA, contestants must win the following: in CT,NJ,NY a rider must win 50 pts: in FL,MA,PA,RI 38 pts: in AL,CA,DE,GA,IA,IL,MD,MN,NC,NE,ND,NV,OH,OK,SC,SD,TN,VA and WI 25 pts: in all other states, Canada and Puerto Rico 13 pts.

What is the Aspca Maclay?

Maclay, an officer of the ASPCA and President of the National Horse Show from 1922-1924. The Horsemanship Championship is one of the most prestigious competitions for Junior riders in the United States. Its winners are some of the biggest names in equestrian sport.

Can you use a flash in equitation?

While two-rings, three-rings, and gags — other than hunter gags — are illegal in hunter equitation, jumper equitation allows them. For nosebands, riders can’t use drops, flashes, or figure eights in hunter equitation classes, but all of those plus regular cavessons are legal in jumper equitation classes.

How many points do you need to qualify for this medal finals?

Once 25 or more points have been accumulated, riders may not participate in that medal class for the remainder of the current year. Dorothy Roberts Memorial Medal – Contestants earning 12 points, OR the top ten earning points should less than ten riders have 12 points, will qualify for the medal finals.

How old is Dominic Gibbs?

Based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado, the 17-year-old Gibbs has had an astounding year with top-five finishes in all four equitation finals, now culminating in his victory in the 2020 ASPCA Maclay National Championship, presented by Chansonette Farm.

Who won 2021 Maclay Finals?

In the end, it was Rizvi who reclaimed her leading position, securing the win in the 2021 ASPCA Maclay National Championship with veteran mount Finnick, a 15-year-old Westphalian gelding.

What is a Cavesson bridle?

The cavesson is a bridle with movable rings on the noseband and can be used bitless or with a bit. Usually, the cavesson is from leather, biothane, rope, or nylon. The noseband is with or without a metal core. The cavesson without an iron core in the noseband is also called the Vienna cavesson. …

What is a grackle bridle?

A grackle bridle consists of a continuous strap that crosses over the horse’s nose, padded with sheepskin, and is then buckled under the chin. Because it has an effect on several points on the horse’s head and also because of the sheepskin underlay, it is considered to be a particularly gentle and comfortable bridle.

Who Won Medal Finals 2021?

Grace Debney
Harrisburg, PA – Following four rounds of testing, a field of 223 of the nation’s best junior riders was whittled down to the new 2021 Dover Saddlery/US Equestrian Hunter Seat Medal Final champion: Grace Debney of Hampden, MA.

How do you qualify for USEF Medal Finals?

Eligibility to Compete-Riders The USEF Hunter Seat Medal Final is open to Individual Junior Members in good standing who have not reached their 18th birthday in accordance with GR127. Affiliated members are not eligible. No credit will be given for winnings before a competitor becomes a member.

Where is Dominic Gibbs from?

Colorado Springs
Gibbs, 17, of Colorado Springs, recently won the World Equestrian Center Premier Cup Equitation championship, besting a field of 58 talented junior riders to take the primary spot on the podium in Ocala, Fla.

Who is Dominic Gibbs trainer?

Stacia Madden
Stacia Madden – Dominic Gibbs’ Trainer ‘ So I was introduced to him and asked if I could help him at the 3’3” finals. Katie [Prudent] was nice enough to involve us early on and just turn the reins of the equitation department over to us.

What is the ASPCA Horsemanship class?

Juniors all over the country enter the ASPCA Horsemanship Class, which is held at hundreds of USEF sanctioned horse shows, in order to qualify for the ASPCA Maclay Regional Finals. The Maclay class is unique in its format of qualifying for the Championship through eight regional competitions in September.

When do I become a member of the NHSA?

The membership year is from September 1-August 31. By joining the NHSA you agree to abide by the rules set forth in any and all class specifications. Join or renew your National Horse Show Equitation Championship membership. This list is of all active members for 2021. Each name is linked to a page with the member’s points and results for the year.

What is the Maclay class?

The Maclay class is unique in its format of qualifying for the Championship through eight regional competitions in September. The format of 50% jumping performance and 50% flat performance is grounded in Mr. Maclay’s original objective of improving the overall ride. Only one rider per horse.

Are the Maclay Finals the ultimate test of horsemanship skills?

Over the years the ASPCA Maclay Finals have been termed the ‘proving ground of champions’ and the ultimate test for America’s young riders. And in the case of this classic test of horsemanship skills, that’s certainly more fact than hype.