How do you mention all your friends in a Facebook comment?

How do you mention all your friends in a Facebook comment?

To mention a Page or group in a post or comment:

  1. Log into Facebook from a computer.
  2. Type “@” and then the Page’s or group’s name.
  3. Select a name from the list that appears.

How many people can you mention in a Facebook post?

50 people
You can mention up to 50 people or Pages in one post or comment. While there’s no way to add more mentions to the original post, you can mention more people in subsequent comments. You can tag up to 50 people or Pages on a photo.

How do I show mentions on Facebook?

Seeing mentions of your page is easy.

  1. Go to your Facebook page. Make sure you’re logged in and that you are a page admin.
  2. At the top of your page, click Notifications.
  3. On the left-hand side of the next screen, click Activity.
  4. In the drop-down box click Mentions.

How do I mention a friend in a comment?

To mention a person, Page, or group, you have to type an @ in front of who you want to mention. You can type the whole name out, or select from the drop-down list that appears. You can also completely type out the person’s name with a capitalized first letter.

What are mentions on FB?

As a public figure, Facebook Mentions lets you: See what fans are saying about you and join the conversation. Share your story by posting updates, sharing photos or videos, or hosting a live Q&A.

How do I mention all in Facebook Messenger?

Enter ‘@name’ in the message input box or simply ‘@’ to show a list of members in the message room. Click @All to mention all members in the message room.

How do I see old memories on Facebook?

How to see Facebook Memories on a computer

  1. On the sidebar of Facebook’s main page, under “Explore,” click “See More.”
  2. Scroll down and click “Memories” to view your memories.
  3. At the bottom right of your screen, tap the three horizontal lines to open the menu.
  4. Tap “Memories” to view your memories.

How do I share a mention on Facebook business page?

Use the sharing tool just below your page’s cover photo to post content as your page, such as questions, photos, offers and events, which will likely appear in the News Feeds of people who like your page. Doing so can stimulate engagement in the form of likes, shares and comments in which your business is tagged.

How do you mention someone?

Type your text as you normally do and when you want to mention someone, just type @persons’s_username . For example: “Do you agree @Paul?” As you type in a person’s name, a list of suggested names (i.e. participants of the corresponding conversation) is displayed.