How do you get the golden eggs in Angry Birds?

How do you get the golden eggs in Angry Birds?

Go to episode selection. The level is unlocked by simply tapping the Golden Egg that appears at the bottom of the episode selection screen. This Golden Egg can be found hidden in the Gold League sticker in the Mighty League. This Golden Egg can be found hidden in one of the BirdDay 7 stickers in the Mighty League.

How do you earn stars in Angry Birds?

Here is how you can obtain three stars while playing Angry Birds.

  1. Launch the birds from the slingshot and destroy pigs and blocks.
  2. Eliminating all of the pigs will get you a certain number of points. Stars are based on points.
  3. Clearing a level will earn you one star.

How do you get the golden king pig in Angry Birds?

The Golden King Pig Level is located in the Golden Eggs section and is only available for iOS, Android, PC and Blackberry Playbook’s QNX. It is also available for Angry Birds HD Free (version 1.4. 1). To unlock it, three stars must be obtained on all levels from Poached Eggs to Birdday Party.

Can you get less than 3 stars in Angry Birds 2?

Yes, it is possible to not get three stars.

How do you get all the golden eggs in Angry Birds?

Angry Birds Golden Eggs Walkthrough | All 35 Eggs. 1 Golden Egg #1. Pause any level and press the “?” (help) button in the bottom left hand corner. The Golden Egg will be on the White Bird instruction 2 Golden Egg #2 Mighty Hoax Level 5-19 (Rocket Ship) 3 Golden Egg #3 Poached Egg Level 2-2. 4 Golden Egg #4. 5 Golden Egg #5.

How do you unlock the extra levels in Angry Birds?

The stars include the three extra levels unlocked by liking the official Angry Birds Facebook page. Go to Level 13-12 (Ham ‘Em High). Use Matilda and shoot it backward and drop the egg to get it. If you drop the egg in the right spot, you get a special Golden Egg dubbed Super Bowl/Rio Golden Egg.

How many golden eggs are there in Angry Birds Seasons Ragnahog?

There are three Golden Eggs in Angry Birds Seasons Ragnahog. For complete details on how to obtain each of the Golden Eggs and for our video walkthroughs just click on the respective image below to be taken to that page. Golden Egg #86 – Thor’s Hammer is unlocked after you 3-star all levels.

Where can I find the egg in Angry Birds Star Wars?

In another version, it is located at the Angry Birds Star Wars (or Angry Birds Star Wars II logo if it is a higher version, Angry Birds Go! if it is another higher version on PC). Tap it a few times and the egg should pop up, too. (This version only available on IOS)