How do I set up an integration broker in PeopleSoft?

How do I set up an integration broker in PeopleSoft?

Configuring Integration Broker in PeopleSoft 8.4

  1. Ensure that the message is active and is routed to the proper Message Channel.
  2. Configure the Message Channel.
  3. Configure the IntegrationGateway.
  4. Configure the Integration Gateway and File Output connector.
  5. Create and configure a new Gateway node.

What is PeopleSoft integration broker?

PeopleSoft Integration Broker is a middleware technology that: Performs asynchronous and synchronous messaging among internal systems and third-party systems. Exposes PeopleSoft business logic as web services to PeopleSoft and third-party systems.

Why do we need integration broker?

An Integration Broker facilitates point-to-point interactions between applications. They are designed to communicate program to program; they integrate previously independent applications or services at the application layer of software design.

How do I generate a JSON REST API in PeopleSoft?

The steps required to create an HTTP GET REST web service are the following:

  1. Build a “Template” document object.
  2. Create a new message that links the template document to a message.
  3. Create your response message which structures your response.
  4. Create a REST Service.
  5. Create your Service Operation.

Does PeopleSoft have an API?

The API is a collection of Java class files that reside on the client system and mediate between the client application layer and PeopleSoft. Before using your component interface, you must apply security to it and test it. To build a PeopleSoft API Java program: Open the PeopleSoft Application Designer.

How do I create a webservice in PeopleSoft?

Procedure: How to Create a Web Service Expand the PeopleSoft node and select the interface for which you want to create a web service. In the right pane, move the pointer over Operations and select Create iWay Business Services. The Create Web Service pane opens on the right as shown in the following image.

What is PeopleSoft awe?

PeopleSoft Approval Workflow Engine (AWE) is a recent entrant into the PeopleTools family – introduced only in 8.48 AWE provides capabilities for creating, running, and managing approval processes within PeopleSoft. All of the steps in approval workflow are defined using PeopleSoft pages and not PeopleCode.

How do I create API in PeopleSoft?

Open the PeopleSoft Application Designer. From the PeopleSoft Application Designer, open a component interface. Click the right pane and select PeopleSoft APIs from the Build menu. The Build PeopleSoft API Bindings dialog prompts you for the types of bindings to create.

How do I consume a webservice in PeopleSoft?

Using the Consume Web Service Wizard

  1. Select the WSDL source.
  2. Select a service.
  3. Select a service port.
  4. Select service operations.
  5. Convert asynchronous operations.
  6. Rename operation messages.
  7. Select a queue for asynchronous operations.
  8. Select the receiver node.

How do I test a webservice in PeopleSoft?

Using the Generic Service Tester to Test a Web Service. Access the Service Tester page (select Set Up SACR, then select System Administration, then select Utilities, then select Generic Service Tester, then select Service Tester).

How do I create a workflow in PeopleSoft?

PeopleSoft Workflow Technology Implementation

  1. Step One: Design a Workflow Application.
  2. Step Two: Build Supporting Definitions.
  3. Step Three: Create Workflow Maps.
  4. Step Four: Define Roles and Role Users.
  5. Step Five: Define Worklist Records.
  6. Step Six: Define Workflow Objects.
  7. Step Seven: Define Event Triggers.
  8. Step Eight: Test.

Which event is best place to trigger the awe event?

The best place to trigger AWE events are at SavePostchange as all the validations are done by that point.

What are the skills required to learn PeopleSoft Integration Broker?

Skills for understanding PeopleSoft Integration Broker are PeopleTools, PeopleCode and Application Engine are a must. Additional experience in XML, SOAP, HTTP, WSDL, WADL, UDDI and Java would be a plus, but you can learn those later on as well.

What are local and remote nodes in PeopleSoft Integration Broker?

Each PeopleSoft Integration Broker database involved in an integration must contain a default local node definition for itself, and a remote node definition for each of the other nodes involved. Local and remote nodes are concepts relative to the database in which the nodes are defined.

What is Integration Gateway in PeopleSoft?

The integration gateway is a collection of Java servlets and classes running on a web server. It is essentially a platform that manages the receipt and delivery of messages passed among systems through PeopleSoft Integration Broker and acts as an interface between the application server and the external system.

What is the best integration middleware for PeopleSoft?

PeopleSoft has the best integration middleware, which is the PeopleSoft Integration Broker, for handling integration requests. Additionally, PeopleSoft also supports integration utilities like Outgoing Forms API, Open Query ODBC Driver and API, and EDI Manager. For more information, go through the other posts of PeopleSoft on our website.