How do I renew my Hotlink 365 plan?

How do I renew my Hotlink 365 plan?

How To Upgrade to Hotlink Internet 365 For Existing users

  1. Step 1 – Tap on SETTINGS at he lower right corner.
  2. Step 2 – Tap on Rate Plan.
  3. Step 3 – Tap UPGRADE.
  4. Step 4 – Select Hotlink Internet 365.
  5. Step 5 – Tap Take Me There.
  6. Step 6 – Pay RM5.
  7. Step 7 – My Hotlink Plan has been upgraded to Internet 365.

How do I keep my Hotlink active?

The 365 days Active Period pass is priced at RM30 and can be purchase from your Hotlink app. By activating this pass, your account/ SIM will be active for 365 days (1 year) from the day of activation/ purchase. This means you do not have to constantly top up to keep your account/ SIM active.

Is Maxis and Hotlink same?

Hotlink is a brand of Maxis that provides both mobile prepaid and postpaid plans.

How long Hotlink account expired?

Your account lifecycle Active Period will be replaced with 30 days at the point of migration, and the Credit Grace Period will be reset to 50 days.

How can I buy Hotlink 365?

Using the *100# Easy Menu to purchase 365 validity

  1. Dial *100# on the phone.
  2. If you are on a roaming network like in Singapore, you will not immediate see Malaysia’s *100# menu.
  3. Reply 01 for the Next Page.
  4. Select MyAccount and Others.
  5. You will see the option to Buy Validity now.
  6. Obviously we want the 365 validity option.

How do I reactivate my expired Hotlink SIM?

For any prepaid number that has already expired it can’t be reactivated back and the credit balance will also be forfeited. However, you may walk in to the nearest Maxis Centre to check on the number availability but it can only be register as a postpaid service if available.

What is hotlink red plan?

FREE Social Chat on Hotlink RED Plan refers to internet at reduced speed limited to a maximum of 64kbps. This service is FREE over the Active Period only, and is subject to a Fair Usage Policy (“FUP”) of 500MB per month. Upon exhaustion of the FUP quota, FREE Social Chat services will be disconnected.

Can hotlink transfer credit to Digi?

Re: hotlink to digi prepaid Yes you can port in with your current phone number, as long as you are the owner of your current number.

Can you reactivate expired SIM card?

You have to contact the cellular network that issued the SIM and they will have to reactivate it. In many cases, the network will have to issue you with a new SIM. Also, if there was a phone number associated with the SIM before it was deactivated, then that number may be lost and you may be issued with a new number.

Can I reactivate expired prepaid SIM card?

Expired prepaid card cannot be reactivated and the SIM will be forfeited once it expires.

How do I get Maxis bill Statement 2021?

Your bill statement can be viewed thru the following channels:

  1. Maxis app > Bill.
  2. Maxis Care > click on the phone number > then click on the bill amount.

Where can I buy the Hotlink prepaid internet 365 starter pack?

The RM10 Hotlink Prepaid Internet 365 starter pack with RM5 preloaded credit is also available at 7-Eleven, myNews and 99 Speedmart outlets. All existing Hotlink Prepaid customers of any plan can switch to Hotlink Prepaid Internet 365 via the app but there’s a change fee of RM5. For more info, you can visit Hotlink’s product page.

Can I extend the active period of my Hotlink prepaid internet 365?

Hotlink Prepaid Internet 365 subscribers do have the option to extend the SIM active period to 365 days but would cost them an additional RM 30.

What is Maxis Hotlink prepaid internet 365 Plan?

Maxis has introduced its Hotlink Prepaid Internet 365 plan which promises to provide data validity for one full year. Not only it saves you the hassle of buying data monthly but the plan also helps you to reduce data wastage.

What is IDD call package in Hotlink prepaid internet 365 Plan?

The Hotlink Prepaid Internet 365 plan also offers IDD call packages for selected countries. For RM2, you can buy 15 minutes worth of calls to Indonesia or 30 minutes worth of calls for Bangladesh and India. For RM4, you can get 10 minutes of calls to Nepal, Myanmar or the Philippines.