How do I recharge my Chinese SIM card?

How do I recharge my Chinese SIM card?

  1. Visit CMHK Website > Online Service > Payment & refill > Prepaid Card Refillment.
  2. Select payment method and enter “Prepaid Mobile Number”
  3. Follow the instruction to refill prepaid card.

How do I check my china mobile data balance?

send text “101” to 10010 for airtime balance or send text “2082” to 10010 for data balance. These texts are free of charge.

How do I recharge my Unicom SIM card in China?

How does Recharge work?

  1. Mail Unicom.
  2. Call 100 10 from your Unicom number in China.
  3. Call 0288 5332 544 from any other phone.
  4. Visit the Unicom website.
  5. Visit the Unicom Facebook page.

How can I find my China Mobile SIM number?

China Mobile Official Operator number is 10086. You can call them to know the information. However, it will be easier to send a text message.

How do I check my Cmhk prepaid balance?

Check your Prepaid card Mobile Number, Remaining Balance, Expiry Date and other remaining balance of SIM Card (Free of charge):

  1. Press ; or.
  2. Call ; or.
  3. Visit CMHK website or CMHK App*; or.
  4. Press to check prepaid card information & service rate charge.

How do I check my Unicom China balance online?

How do I check the SIM card balance? If you have a China Unicom SIM card; you can check your balance from anywhere. Just send text “101” to 10010 for airtime balance or send text “2082” to 10010 for data balance. These texts are free of charge.

How do I check my joytel SIM card balance?

To check Airtel’s main balance, dial *123#. The balance information will soon reflect on your screen in a few seconds. The main balance is usually talk time, which is free for Airtel 4G customers with current all-in-one recharge packs. *121# USSD code is used to tell you about various offers on your Airtel number.

Which Sim is best in China?

5 Best Local SIM Cards for China and Where You Can Get Them

  • Where to Get Local SIM Cards in China.
  • The Best SIM Cards to Use in China.
  • China Mobile (中国移动)
  • China Unicom (中国联通)
  • China Telecom (中国电信)
  • Big Bay Area SIM Card for Hong Kong, Macau, and Mainland China.
  • SmarTone Travel Data SIM Cards for China Unicom – Hong Kong ONLY.

How do I top up China Unicom data?

China Unicom internet top-ups are available in the “internet” or “bundle” categories.

  1. Click on the category you are interested in and the refills will be automatically displayed.
  2. Choose internet top-up.
  3. Enter the phone number to top up.
  4. Pay online on Monisnap.

How do I activate my China Mobile SIM card?

Activation Method: Insert the SIM card into the cell phone and turn it on, in a few minutes customer will receive a confirmation SMS, indicating successful service activation. Once activated, $50 basic service fee will be deducted every 30 days automatically.

How do I check my CSL balance?

csl VoLTE Service, which brings voice call and video call to a brand new generation!…csl Local Prepaid SIM Card.

Main balance checking *109#
Subscribed service status checking *101#
Roaming Data Usage checking (Overseas) *101*2#
Password inquiry *111# (Use insert prepaid SIM phone)
Administration Fee $3 / 30 days

How do I enable CMHK mobile data?

Method 1: Insert the SIM into a smartphone and turn on the mobile data service in Hong Kong. Method 2: Dial USSD code *#130# in Hong Kong for free. Upon successful activation, an activation SMS with the HK number, stored value and expiry date of the SIM will be sent directly to your mobile.

How to recharge China Mobile Mobile China?

Recharge China Mobile mobile China to anyone, from anywhere. Online recharge China Mobile China at Recharge. Get an easy recharge for your or someone else’s phone credit or data, worldwide. Fill in your number, it will be recharged automatically with the amount of your choice. Support your loved ones the easy way!

Is the recharge service available for expired cell phone number and Sim?

The recharge service is not available for all expired cell phone number and SIM card. This is a service in conjunction with China Mobile and China Unicom Corporate. Distance recharge system is operated by China Mobile and China Unicom Corporate and China Mobile Phone is not responsible for recharge outcomes or disputes.

What are the recharge hours for China Bank?

Recharge hours are between 7:30 am to 8:00 pm (Monday to Sunday). During these hours, airtime will be added to your cell phone number within two hours and a confirmation email will be sent to you to indicate when the recharge is complete. China Bank debts in RMB.

How do I contact China Mobile from abroad?

How to contact China Mobile. Call 4001 2040 00 from your Mobile number in China. Call 8522 9458 888 from any other phone. Call 0085 2294 588 88 from abroad.