How do I join Wefarm?

How do I join Wefarm?

Join Wefarm on SMS!


How do I join Wefarm Uganda?

A farmer joins by typing ‘Join Uganda’ for English users, ‘Wegatte Uganda’ for Luganda users and ‘Yegitte Uganda’ for Runyakitara users, and sending the SMS to 6333. After this process, the farmer can ask any question depending on the information he/she needs. At the moment, the platform uses Airtel and MTN networks.

How does farming make money?

How does the business make a profit? WeFarm currently generates revenue through the unique information and data created by the millions of organic interactions happening on the system. For example, we are developing a statistical model that can track coffee ripening periods over entire regions or countries.

What is iFarm?

iFarm is developing solutions for modern urban farming. We create technologies that enable anyone to grow fresh vegetables, berries, greens and edible flowers for personal use or commercial purposes.

What does Hello tractor do?

Hello Tractor promotes collaborative consumption by building a network of “Smart Tractor” owners, enabling small-scale farmers to request and pay for tractor services via SMS and mobile money, as and when they need specific services.

How do I start a farm?

If you’re interested in the topic, read their hobby farming business fact sheet.

  1. Step 1: Identify your niche. Even if you know exactly what type of farm you want to start, diving head first into just doing it is never a good idea.
  2. Step 2: Find the right land.
  3. Step 3: Getting financed.
  4. Step 4: Market and sell your products.

What can I do with iFARM?

The iFARM Proposal

  • Easier pool maintenance in the future.
  • iFARM borrowing/lending and can be used as collateral on crypto money markets.
  • iFARM as a transferable asset (gas savings)
  • iFARM as a composable asset to build upon in the future.

What is iFARM token?

The interest bearing FARM token, iFARM, is a deposit receipt token for FARM that is auto compounding in the Profit Sharing pool. Lower gas costs to deposit FARM into profitsharing. …

Who is jehiel Oliver?

Jehiel Oliver is a social entrepreneur responsible for the overall management and strategy of Hello Tractor, an agricultural technology company focused on global food and income security. He has been honored with numerous awards for his work in social entrepreneurship and poverty alleviation.

Where is Hello tractor located?

Abuja, Nigeria
Because there’s a new, low-cost (but pretty smart) mini-tractor that’s part of a business start-up in Abuja, Nigeria, called “Hello Tractor.” And it was part of a SxSW competition.