How do I contact Elsevier?

How do I contact Elsevier?

To submit your comments, suggestions, or questions to us, please contact your nearest Elsevier Customer Support….Contacting Elsevier Customer Support.

Telephone +1 888 437 4636 option #1
Fax +1 212 633 3680
ScienceDirect email [email protected]
Scopus email [email protected]

Is Elsevier predatory?

Elsevier now officially a “predatory” publisher.

Is Elsevier legitimate?

They’re generally legitimate. The negative reviews and boycotts aren’t about the quality of the journal, but are because of Elsevier’s alleged high prices (see The Cost of Knowledge). Elsevier publishes some of the best journals in some fields, e.g. The Lancet and Cell.

What kind of company is Elsevier?

publishing company
Elsevier (Dutch: [ˈɛlzəviːr]) is a Netherlands-based publishing company specializing in scientific, technical, and medical content. It is a part of the RELX Group, known until 2015 as Reed Elsevier.

Where is the headquarter of Elsevier?

Amsterdam, NetherlandsElsevier / Headquarters

How do I cancel my Elsevier order?

Generally, orders for print and eBook placed in can no longer be cancelled once submitted. The confirmation email is sent to the email address associated with the account once the purchase is made.

Is Elsevier a top journal?

Elsevier is one of the most popular publishers in the world. Also, known as Reed Elsevier, its products include the Lancet and the Cell. It has a repository of more than 2700+ journals and publishes close to half a million articles annually.

Do researchers make money from journals?

Direct: In many academic or even industrial institutes, researchers are being paid and are bound to perform research and publish paper in certain journals or conferences (mostly journal).

Who is Elsevier owned by?

RELX, the parent company of Elsevier, had revenues of US $9.8 billion in 2019. (Elsevier’s profits account for about 34% of RELX’s total profits.) By contrast, Informa, Taylor & Francis’ parent company, had revenues of US $3.6 billion in 2019.

Why is Elsevier credible?

Elsevier now owns their work. They publish high quality content and researchers have been content to turn over the copyright of their work in exchange for the reputation points received for publishing in Elsevier’s journals. This stellar reputation is quickly changing.

Who is the CEO of Elsevier?

Kumsal Bayazit (Feb 15, 2019–)Elsevier / CEO

Kumsal Bayazit takes over today as Elsevier’s Chief Executive Officer, replacing Ron Mobed, who joined Elsevier in 2011. Kumsal becomes the first female CEO in the company’s close-to-140-year history.

What is Elsevier known for?

Elsevier is one of the largest publisher of scholarly journals in the world, publishing more than 2,600 titles. Other large publishers are Taylor & Francis, Springer, and Wiley. RELX, the parent company of Elsevier, had revenues of US $9.8 billion in 2019.