How do I change the auto generate Table of Contents in Word?

How do I change the auto generate Table of Contents in Word?

Go to References > Table of Contents > Custom Table of Contents. Select Modify. If Modify is grayed out, change Formats to From template. In the Styles list, click the level that you want to change and then click Modify.

How do I automatically add a list of figures in Word?

First add captions to your figures, and then use the Insert Table of Figures command on the References tab. Word then searches the document for your captions and automatically adds a list of figures, sorted by page number.

What is the shortcut key for auto text command?

Enter the desired shortcut for the AutoText entry. To insert the entry using the keyboard shortcut, position the cursor and press [Ctrl]+T.

How do I make a Table of Contents automatically?

Create the table of contents

  1. Click where you want to insert the table of contents – usually near the beginning of a document.
  2. Click References > Table of Contents and then choose an Automatic Table of Contents style from the list.

How do you create a thesis Table of Contents?

Inserting a Table of Contents:

  1. Click on REFERENCE tab.
  2. Click on Table of Contents.
  3. Click on Custom Table of Contents.
  4. Make sure that Show levels is set to 3.
  5. Click on Options. Type a number 1 next to CHPT_title. Remove the numbers next to Heading 1, Heading 2, and Heading 3.

How do you set up a table of contents in Word 2010?

In the References ribbon, choose Table of Contents, then choose Custom Table of Contents (or Insert Table of Contents in Word 2010). Click on the Options button. Your Appendix Heading style should show up in the Available Styles list. Assign it to TOC level 1.

How do you link a table of contents to pages in Word?

Add the link

  1. Select the text or object you want to use as a hyperlink.
  2. Right-click and then click Hyperlink .
  3. Under Link to, click Place in This Document.
  4. In the list, select the heading or bookmark that you want to link to.

How do I create a shortcut for content in Word?

To create a new shortcut, open Word Options then select the Customize Ribbon tab. Select the Customize button at the bottom of the dialog box. In the resulting pop-up box, scroll the category list to Building Blocks then select the relevant block from the list.

How do you make auto text?

Creating AutoText Entries

  1. Highlight the text that you want to add as an entry, including paragraph marks.
  2. From the Word menu select Insert > AutoText > New (or use Alt+F3 as a shortcut).
  3. When the Create AutoText form appears, type the name that you want to use for the AutoText entry, and click OK.

How do you set up a Table of Contents in Word 2010?

What do you need to do before you create a Table of Contents?

How to create a table of contents in Microsoft Word

  1. Apply the built-in Heading styles to the headings in your text.
  2. In Word 2003 and before: Insert > Reference > Tables and Indexes. Click on the Table of Contents Tab. Click OK.
  3. In Word 2007 and Word 2010: References > Table of Contents > choose an option from the menu.

How do I create a table of contents in word 2011?

There are several steps involved in creating a table of contents from Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac OS: Create a document using document styles to identify your headings. Insert a table of contents . Update your table of contents as the content of your document changes.

What is an automatic table of contents in word?

An automatic Table of Contents uses Styles to keep track of page numbers and section titles for you automatically. Microsoft Word can scan your document and find everything in the Heading 1 style and put that on the first level of your table of contents, put any Heading 2’s on the second level of your table of contents, and so on.

What styles should I use to create a table of contents?

By default, Microsoft Word builds a table of content using any text that has Heading 1, Heading 2 or Heading 3 applied to it, so those are the styles you should use if you are planning to create a table of contents for your document. Here’s an example of a document that we will format using Word’s built-in styles:

How do I insert a table of contents in AutoCAD?

Automatic Table of Contents. If you want to change which headings appear in your table of contents, you can do so by changing the number in the Show levels: pulldown. Click OK to insert your table of contents. The table of contents is a snapshot of the headings and page numbers in your document.