How do I become a Air Force maintenance officer?

How do I become a Air Force maintenance officer?


  1. MINIMUM EDUCATION. Bachelor’s degree.
  2. QUALIFICATIONS. Knowledge of capabilities, limitations and basic operating principles of aircraft systems and components. Knowledge of theory of flight and airframe construction.

What is aircraft maintenance in the Air Force?

In the air force, skilled aircraft maintenance specialists take care of aircraft when pilots aren’t flying them, maintaining and repairing aircraft to ensure they are ready to fly. Their role involves conducting quality assurance tests, supervising crew chiefs and flights, and overseeing maintenance support operations.

How long is AMOC training?

AMOC prepares maintenance officers for the flightline Every Air Force aircraft maintenance officer comes to Sheppard AFB to complete their three-month training, where they learn maintenance fundamentals. Avionics, weapons, propulsion and logistics are just a few examples of what the course covers.

How do I become an aircraft mechanic?

How to become an aircraft mechanic

  1. Earn a high school degree or GED.
  2. Select your specialty.
  3. Attend technical school.
  4. Complete on-the-job training.
  5. Study aircraft mechanic handbooks and codes.
  6. Pass FAA certification exams.
  7. Apply for jobs.
  8. Seek inspection authorization.

How long is 2a7x3 tech school?

76 days
Recruits will attend Basic Military Training for 8.5 weeks. What is this? After Basic Military Training they will attend Technical Training at Pensacola NAS in Florida for 76 days.

What does an aircraft maintenance technician do?

An aircraft maintenance technician may work primarily on corporate jets. An aircraft maintenance technician may be responsible for keeping landing gear in working order. Aircraft maintenance technicians in the military may be tasked with repairing and testing a combat aircraft’s sensor arrays.

What is Air Force tactical aircraft maintenance?

Duties of Air Force Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Specialists. Another key part of the tactical aircraft maintenance specialist’s job is to conduct inspections of aircraft, including structures, systems, components and related systems. They’ll then interpret inspection findings and determine what of corrective actions might need to be taken.

What is an aircraft maintenance officer?

Aircraft Maintenance Officer. You might work at military bases all over the world, providing repairs, delivering combat support, supervising training missions and performing airdrops . You’ll direct all aspects of maintenance operations for aircraft, aircraft components, and aviation support equipment as well as coordinate flying…

What are the best aircraft mechanic schools?

School Overviews Aviation maintenance programs are typically found at the undergraduate level, and some of the top schools that offer these programs include Broward College, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics. Aviation maintenance technicians complete FAA-approved training or degree programs.