How do I add books to my Aldiko library?

How do I add books to my Aldiko library?

To add eBooks from your SD card into your Library, first select the home icon and then select SD card. Scroll through your SD card and select the checkbox next to the eBook you would like to add. Then select “Import to Aldiko (1)”.

Can Aldiko read EPUB?

Aldiko Book Reader is an ebook reader for Android devices that allows its users to read any text file in EPUB or PDF, as well as books encrypted by Adobe. Other features of Aldiko Book Reader include the ability to search for words within the text and dictionary integration similar to that of Kindle.

Where are Aldiko imported books?

the bookshelf
You have just imported your own books into Aldiko. The imported books will be on the bookshelf. To view your imported books, just simply go to bookshelf, click on the Menu button of your phone, select “Sort” and then “By Download Date” option. Your imported books will be displayed on the top of the bookshelf.

How do I read a Kinige book?

The following are some of the devices where you can read Kinige eBooks.

  1. iPad and iPhone.
  2. Windows.
  3. Linux.
  4. Kindle Fire.
  5. Android phones and tablets.
  6. Sony reader.
  7. Nook reader.
  8. Kobo reader.

What is Aldiko book reader?

Aldiko is an e-book reader application for the Android and iOS operating systems. It also provides a customizable reading experience through configurable font and background color, font size and type, margin size, display brightness, page turn mode, etc.

How do I add books to my iPhone books?

How to get books on your iPhone and iPad:

  1. Get Documents and launch the app.
  2. Tap the purple plus button at the bottom right.
  3. Choose from where to add the books. You can import books from the Files app, any cloud storage or even your computer.
  4. Pick the desired book.
  5. Tap a book to start reading.

How do I add books to Apple Books?

In the Books app on your Mac, choose File > Import. In the Open dialog, select the books, audiobooks, or PDFs you want to import, then click Import. Note: You can also drag and drop books, PDFs, and some audiobooks into your library.