How did Bridget die on Neighbours?

How did Bridget die on Neighbours?

internal injuries
In March 2009, the decision was taken to write the Parker family out of the show after both Mignon and Steve Bastoni quit. Mignon wanted to return to her studies and she had had enough of Neighbours. Bridget died on-screen on 21 July 2009 after suffering internal injuries, which she sustained in a car crash.

Who killed Kate Ramsay?

Victor Cleary
Kate Ramsay. Kate Ramsay was a character in Neighbours from 2009 to 2014. She was the daughter of Jill Ramsay, the secret daughter of Max Ramsay and Anne Robinson who was adopted out as a baby. Kate was shot dead by Victor Cleary as a revenge ploy for Paul Robinson killing Victor’s brother Gus Cleary.

Is erinsborough an anagram of Neighbours?

Erinsborough is the fictional suburb in which the Australian soap opera Neighbours is set. Erinsborough was originally going to be named Erinsfield and it is a loose anagram of Neighbours.

How many wives has Paul Robinson had?

Paul has had six marriages and countless affairs, which has gained him notoriety as a womaniser.

When did Declan leave Neighbours?

In January 2010 it was announced that Sorensen had quit the role of Declan and the decision to recast was taken, with Mullally making his first on-screen appearance on 3 May 2010. In October 2010, it was announced the character was to leave Neighbours and he made his final appearance on 15 March 2011.

What happened to Declan in Neighbours?

Who plays Chelsea in home and away?

Ashleigh Brewer

Chelsea Campbell
Home and Away character
Portrayed by Ashleigh Brewer
Duration 2018–2019
First appearance 18 September 2018

Where is erinsborough high?

Neighbours: Erinsborough High is produced and distributed by Fremantle. The series was filmed at Fremantle’s Global Television studios in Forest Hill, Victoria, where the main show is also filmed.

Has Stefan Dennis got a wooden leg?

As a matter of fact, although he portrays Paul Robinson as having a prosthetic leg, he has two good legs of his own. In 2009, Dennis was stalked by two fans while presenting the Best Villain award at the British Soap Awards.

Why is toadie called toadie?

Characterisation. Toadie’s nickname was derived from the toadfishes of Australia.