How can I complain to Mang Inasal?

How can I complain to Mang Inasal?


  1. Main Office: (02) 8-634-1111.
  2. Email: [email protected]
  3. Monday to Friday: 8am-6pm.
  4. Address: Unit 407, 4th flr., JB Plaza, 10th F. Ortigas Jr. Ave. Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

Who is the real owner of Mang Inasal?

Edgar Sia
Edgar “Injap” Jaruda Sia II (born 1977) is a Filipino businessman. He is the chairman of DoubleDragon Properties (a joint business venture with Tony Tan Caktiong), and the founder of the Mang Inasal fast food restaurant chain….

Edgar Sia
Spouse(s) Shella Sia
Children 2

How do I contact Mang Inasal delivery?

For delivery, you can order through any of the following: #7-3333.

How much did Jollibee bought Mang Inasal?

In October 2010, 70% of Mang Inasal was acquired by Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC), for ₱3 billion ($68.8 million).

How much is Mang Inasal Pecho UNLI Rice?

Pork BBQ

Chicken Inasal
Chicken Inasal Regular Solo ₱89.00
Pecho Large (PM2)-1 Rice ₱121.00
Pecho Large (PM2)- Unli Rice (dine-in only) ₱136.00
Pork BBQ

Where is Mang Inasal Manila corporate office located?

Mang Inasal Manila Corporate Office is located at 2316 Aurora Boulevard, Tramo St., Pasay City with fax number (02) 854 – 5692 and Landline (02) 854 – 3346.

How many branches does Mang Inasal have?

Currently, there are 445 branches nationwide and with over 10,000 employees system wide. MANG INASAL is doing its share in alleviating the unemployment burden of the country.

Why choose Mang Inasal for your next restaurant?

At 10 years, Mang Inasal continues to live up to the brand to be one of the top Quick Service Restaurants in the country and it will keep on to delightfully serve great tasting food, bringing the joy of eating to everyone as a way of life There is high success rate due to its business model rather than starting from scratch.

Who is the founder of manmang Inasal?

MANG INASAL is the No.1 BBQ fastfood chain in the Philippines. It was started in Iloilo City on December 12, 2003 by its founder, Edgar “Injap” Sia II..