How can I add FnF in teletalk?

How can I add FnF in teletalk?

Add a FnF Number in TeleTalk: Go to Messages and Type “Add 0155XXXXXXX” and Send sms to 363. For example, your friend’s number is 01551000001 and you want to FnF it. Go to Messages and Type “Add 01551000001” and send sms to 363.

How can I set FnF?

Add Super FNF in GP

  1. Go to Mobile keypad.
  2. Dial *121*1*5*2#
  3. Enter the desired number.

How can I activate teletalk number?

Activation code of Teletalk 4G :For this, you need to write ‘4G’ and send it to 111 number….How to check my own Teletalk number?

Mobile Operator USSD Code
Teletalk (015) Dial *551#
GrameenPhone (017, 013) Dial *2# or *111*8*
Banglalink (019, 014) Dial *511#

How can I change Super FnF in GP?

To set Super F&F customers need to go to his/her message option, write SF 017xxxxxxxx (GP number to be set as Super F&F) and send to 22888.

How can I contact teletalk customer care?

24 Hours Helpline:

  1. 121 from your Teletalk mobile; Charge Applicable (first 1.30min free then tk1. 40/min).
  2. 01500121121-9 (from any Operator).

How can I check teletalk balance?

To check the Teletalk mobile balance you have to dial *152#. There is another way to check Teletalk mobile balance. Simply type U and send to 111. On the return Message, you will be acknowledged about the teletalk mobile balances.

How can I check FnF number?

For checking your F&F numbers, send SMS message, reading: FF INFO. Notes: F&F discounts are applicable to private customers only.

What is FnF number in Telenor?

What is the process to manage FnF Numbers?

Add Add number to 7777 Dial *7777*1*1#
Modify Dial *7777*1*2#
Delete Delete number to 7777 Dial *7777*1*3#
View Dial *7777*1*4#

How can I talk to Teletalk customer care?

What is the APN of Teletalk?

Teletalk Internet Settings for Android Device APN: MMS. MMSC: MMS proxy: 10.5. 4.40.

How can I check GP FnF list?

The friends and Family feature comes with lower tariff so that you can call and always stay in touch with your near and dear ones….USSD Menu.

Menu Options
*121*1*5*1# Add FnF
*121*1*5*2# Add Super FnF
*121*1*5*3# Delete FnF/Super FnF
*121*1*5*4# View FnF List

What is CC code for teletalk?

Customer Care Center/ Point Information of Teletalk
CC Code CC Name Contact No.
157 Mymensingh Customer Care Center PSTN: 091-66300 Cell: 015 5015 0062 Fax: 091-65300
158 Tangail Customer Care Center Cell: 015 5015 0055
159 Netrokona Customer Care Center Cell: 015 5015 7703