How are Dutch Warmbloods named?

How are Dutch Warmbloods named?

Registered Names for Dutch Warmbloods Maximum of 20 letter positions. Start with a letter determined by the General Board based on the year of Birth. The name does not have a negative meaning such as being inappropriate or show a relationship with a person or group that might damage the reputation of the KWPN.

How do I register my warmblood horse?

How to Register

  1. Become a current AWSSR member.
  2. Submit the completed registration application.
  3. Request or provide DNA testing and microchipping.
  4. Provide the qualifying performance score copies or documents from any recognized competition (if available*).
  5. Provide photographs of the horse.

Is Dutch Warmblood the same as KWPN?

A Dutch Warmblood is a warmblood type of horse registered with the Koninklijk Warmbloed Paardenstamboek Nederland (Royal Warmblood Studbook of the Netherlands (KWPN), which governs the breeding of competitive dressage and show jumping horses, as well as the show harness horse and Gelderlander, and a hunter studbook in …

Is valegro alive?

Is Valegro Still Alive? Yes, Valegro is still alive at age 18.

Can a thoroughbred be registered as a Warmblood?

Those found acceptable usually are Thoroughbred, Arab or domestically bred or imported warmbloods. Mares from non-traditional sporthorse bloodlines, such as Morgan or Quarter Horse may not qualify for a traditional warmblood registry studbook.

Can you register grade horses?

A horse does not need breed registration papers to be transported. For example, you can’t register a grade horse into the AQHA, but if it has pinto/paint markings, you can register into the pinto/paint association.

What is a Dutch Warmblood temperament?

All Dutch warmbloods have been bred to be uncomplicated to handle and ride. They tend to be intelligent, easygoing, and willing to work with their humans. And because they’re so even-tempered, they can thrive in a variety of environments, including on pleasure rides and in the show ring.

Is a Dutch harness horse a Dutch Warmblood?

The Dutch Harness Horse, or Tuigpaard, is a warmblood breed of fine driving horse that has been developed in the Netherlands since the end of World War II. The breed is based on the native Groningen and Gelderland horses, which were formerly indispensable in agriculture and transportation services.

What are the rules for registering a Dutch Warmblood name?

When it comes to registered names for your Dutch Warmblood horse, things can get a little more difficult. The KWPM requires that registered dutch warmblood names adhere to the following rules: Start with a letter determined by the General Board based on the year of Birth

What are the different types of Dutch Warmbloods?

There are three different types of Dutch Warmbloods: the riding horse, the harness horse, and the Gelders horse. It is estimated that 85-90% of KWPNs are registered as riding horses.

What should I name my 2020 Dutch warmblood foal?

Dutch Warmblood foals born in 2020 must have names that start with the letter P. Here are some great ideas for your 2020 foals. Keep in mind these are just words or ideas that could be used for the start of your horse’s name. How you end it is up to you, so long as you stay within the 20 character requirement!

What is a Dutch Warmblood Harness Horse?

Dutch Warmblood Harness horses (often called Dutch Harness Horses or Tuigpaards ), have significantly more knee-action and a higher self-carriage than the riding horses. They are excellent trotters, and are trainable and easy to handle on the ground.