Essay Sample: “Overpopulation: Possible solutions”

Overcrowding is marked as undesirable state as a whole, which means that the population has exceeded available resources. Several factors have a significant impact on the overflow. Firstly, the reduction in mortality advances in technology and medical related. Secondly, a large number of immigrants in the developed world, where the cause of congestion. These factors lead to a valuable source of water and the reduction of food. Possible solutions to the problem or mitigate the effects of overcrowding.


The problem of overpopulation

  • Education to eliminate the problems, many are now. For people who have access to the necessary knowledge in the various fields, we can be sure to get positive results in the near future.
  • In the field of education, we also need sex education. Educate children and youth on contraception and family planning is based on the management of overpopulation in the future. This part is very important for the school a sense of home, sometimes, sex education because parents teach their children about these things, they say, to feel uncomfortable.
  • The overflow should be regulated by law. This can be done by the tax burden, to keep the number of children in the family. For example, parents with one or two children pay less tax than others.

Tips for writing a document due to overcrowding

Development of a causal relationship requires the author examines the issue in detail and identifies the factors and key results. If your goal is to write an article about overpopulation, consider the following.

Overpopulation causes:

  1. For the growth of the world population in technological development to promote the sector. The Industrial Revolution was the trigger that initiated a number of technological developments. Make it simple, but our life, our existence is possible, if we look at the treatment of the invention so far incurable diseases into account. In addition, to facilitate the work can produce more food and other products, technology.
  2. In connection with the improvement of health care that we must provide for infertility treatment today, almost all women with healthy children. In addition, women monitor and manage the security of their pregnancy.
  3. A significant problem is also the lack of family planning or abuse in some cultures and countries. Early marriage leads to the possibility to have more children, which leads to an overload.

The effects of overpopulation:

  1. The most serious impact of population growth is a permanent loss of environmental resources. The unit updates the resource is much slower than the rate of population growth. It should also be remembered that the limited amount of drinking water and food.
  2. Air pollution is a problem that is caused by overpopulation. People with many vehicles, followed by the constant pollution of the atmosphere. This in turn causes global warming and environmental destruction.
  3. More and more people are born and grow, they need to work to earn a living. However, automate, because the job most of the work can be done by fewer people. This leads to high levels of unemployment, which leads to an increase in crime in general.