Does Sasuke have depression?

Does Sasuke have depression?

Sasuke experienced developmental trauma as a child when his whole family was murdered by his older brother, whom he had idolised. Sasuke was ill-equipped to deal with his consequent feelings of hate, anger, and depression, and coped through intellectualising.

Why did Itachi try to suicide?

Itachi asked Orochimaru what the meaning of life was. Orochimaru responded that there was no meaning to life. After that, Itachi became depressed and attempted to kill himself, believing that life indeed had no point or meaning beyond suffering and pain.

Why did Itachi jump off a cliff?

Itachi jumped off a cliff to know what is the importance of life and death. His mind was engrossed in all sorts of questions and that was when a crow suddenly appeared out of the blue in front of him. The crow snapped him out of his thoughts and he was able to save hinself from dying.

How old was Itachi when Sasuke was born?

Itachi’s birthday is June 9th and he was 5 years old when Sasuke was when born July 23rd this means Itachi was 5 years and a month older than Sasuke. Itachi also meets Shisui around Sasuke’s birth when he was 5.

Is Sasuke uchiha crazy?

Yes, Sasuke did truly go insane from Itachi Uchiha because the reason he left the leaf village is that he knew Orochimaru was gonna make him strong, he planed everything through and was going to kill anyone who got in his way, from killing Itachi Uchiha.

Does Sasuke suffer from PTSD?

Sasuke suffered from psychological trauma but he was still in control of his actions and is responsible and accountable for them. That doesn’t change the fact that he suffered from C-PTSD.

What did Itachi think of Naruto?

After Itachi confirms that Naruto is truly loyal to his brother, Sasuke, Itachi places a lot of trust on Naruto. Because Itachi knows Naruto has an undying faith that Sasuke can be good again, he entrusts Naruto with watching over his brother, and more importantly, the eye of Shisui!

What power Itachi gave to Naruto?

Itachi placed a crow inside naruto as he knew after his death sasuke will take his eyes. The crow in naruto was placed so that whenever sasuke try to use mangekyo sharingan on naruto, shisui eye will put him in a koto amatsukami which is the strongest ever Genjutsu.

Why did Itachi choose crows?

Some references believe that it is because Itachi Uchiha had an accord with crows hence he can summon them wherever and whenever he wants to (Also Shisui Uchiha had the same accord) . This is a probable reason to why Itachi’s clone disperse as crows ; the answer is that they are actually Crow Clones.

Can Sasuke control crows?

While Sasuke can summon hawks and snakes, Itachi sticks entirely with crows and frequently uses them in his techniques and schemes. His illusion techniques regularly feature him transforming into a murder of crows, he routinely controls the birds with his Sharingan, and he even manipulates the birds postmortem.

Who is Sasuke’s wife?

Sakura Haruno
Sasuke Uchiha/Spouse

Who is the tallest person in Naruto?

List items

  1. Fuguki Suikazan. Height: 249.1 cm / 8.2 feet.
  2. Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki. Height: 231 cm / 7.7 feet.
  3. Han. Height: 228.3 cm / 7.5 feet.
  4. Kitsuchi. Height: 217 cm / 7.1 feet.
  5. Kushimaru Kuriarare. Height: 213 cm / 6.10 feet.
  6. First Raikage. Height: 210 cm / 6.9 feet.
  7. Third Raikage. Height: 205 cm / 6.8 feet.
  8. Jugo.