Does Pokesav work on Android?

Does Pokesav work on Android?

Our New POKEMON MAKER works on android. So, that means you’ll be able to use the site perfectly on any Android Device. Only problem is that it’s still in the infant stages of development.

Can Pkhex be used on Android?

Pokémon core series save editor for Mobile Devices (Android/iOS), programmed in C#. Supports the following files: Individual Pokémon entity files (. …

What is PKHeX?

PKHeX is a Pokémon save editor that is capable of editing save files across all generations of Pokémon games.

What can PKHeX do?

PKHeX is a Pokémon save editor that is capable of editing save files across all generations of Pokémon games. The program was created by Kurt, also known as kwsch on GitHub and Kaphotics on ProjectPokémon, GBATemp, and various other forums.

What can you do with PKHeX?

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What can you do with pokesav?

Pokesav can save hours of tedious training. For example, instead of having to breed a Pokemon and train it all the way to level 100, with Pokesav you can instantly create a Pokemon of any species, level, or moveset. It is also possible to use Pokesav to edit other aspects of the game such as the items and mystery gifts.

Is pokésav a virus or malware?

PokéCheats does not host any viruses, or malicious software whatsoever. Unfortunately, most antivirus programs will mistake all editions of Pokésav as a virus. However, these are false positives. We have done extensive research ourselves, for all downloadable programs on this site.

What if pokésav won’t fit on my screen?

UPDATE: If the normal edition of Pokésav won’t fit your screen, please download the Compact Pokésav (English 0.40c) D/P. Click here for the Compact Pokésav (English 0.03a) HG/SS. The below mirrors are updated regularly with the latest versions. The version number on the link may be older than the version that you are downloading.

Which regions are compatible with pokesav?

All regions should be compatible. If you are editing a Japanese version game, make sure your computer has the correct language packs installed and that you have a version of Pokesav that is compatible with Japanese characters. There are problems with Korean characters with the Korean version of Diamond and Pearl.