Does CaO or CaS have higher lattice energy?

Does CaO or CaS have higher lattice energy?

For CaS: The cation is Ca2+ and the anion is S2–. The period number of Ca2+ and S2– is 3. The means the approximate lattice energy is: We can see that CaO has the higher lattice energy.

What is the lattice energy of CaO?

−3414 kJ/mol
Representative lattice energies

Compound Experimental Lattice Energy Structure type
CaO −3414 kJ/mol NaCl
SrO −3217 kJ/mol NaCl
MgF2 −2922 kJ/mol rutile
TiO2 −12150 kJ/mol rutile

Which has a higher lattice energy MgO or CaO?

In both CaO and MgO, the charges are +2 and -2, so the choice is between these two oxides. The smallest ions will be able to get closest to each other. They will have the smallest distance between centres and will have the largest lattice energies. Mg2+ is smaller than Ca2+ , so MgO has the largest lattice energy.

Does KCl or CaS have a higher lattice energy?

As the ions in CaS carry charges of 2+ and 2-, while the ions in KCl carry charges of 1+ and 1-; the forces of attraction between the ions in CaS are greater. This means that CaS must absorb more energy to overcome these forces of attraction, and thus, it has a higher melting temperature.

Which has highest lattice energy?

Answer: 1. Sodium fluoride (NaF) shows highest lattice energy among these compounds since Na+ features ions of the same charge, the lattice energy increases as the size of the ions increases.

Is CaO or MgO stronger?

MgO and CaO, both have the same anion that is the oxide ion (O2-). As a result, the lattice energy will be more in case MgO than CaO. Thus, because the lattice energy is more in MgO than in CaO, the melting point of MgO is higher than CaO.

Why does CaO have a high lattice energy?

Charge on Calcium is +2 and charge on Oxygen is -2. For MgBr2, Charge on Mg is +2, but charge on Br is -1. Thus, Lattice Energy of CaO is greater than MgBr2.

How do you find the lattice energy of CaO?

To calculate for lattice energy, we need to do the Born-Haber cycle for CaO. The lattice energy of CaO is ‒3401.09 kJ/mol.

Which shows the highest lattice energy Cao?

MgO is the correct answer because lattice energy is directly proportional to product of charge and inversly propornal to r^2 .

What is the lattice energy of KCl?

Lattice Energies (E

Compound E (kJ/mol)
KCl 698
KBr 672
KI 632
AuCl 1042

Which has higher lattice energy MgO or NaCl?

The lattice enthalpy of MgO is greater than that of NaCl. The reason is in MgO, two +ions attract two –ions, whereas in NaCl, the attraction is between one +ion and one –ion.