Do Klaus and Hayley get together in the originals?

Do Klaus and Hayley get together in the originals?

“They’re not lovers, but they’re parents of this girl, and they have to be in concert if they’re going to do everything they need to do to raise her and protect her.” Last season saw the unexpected death of Camille just after she (finally) romanced the hybrid.

What episode of the originals does Klaus and Hayley get together?

Vampire Diaries: Klaus & Hayley Have Sex — Season 4 Episode 16 Recap – Hollywood Life.

Does Klaus really love Hailey?

We know that Klaus will have an emotional breakthrough in Season 2, but it definitely won’t be that he’s in love with Hayley or that he’s more of a pack-guy than a lone wolf. He bonded with Hayley from the beginning, protected her when Klaus wanted her and the baby to be killed, and THEY KISSED.

What season does Haley get married the originals?

Season Two In I Love You, Goodbye, Hayley marries Jackson, ending any possibility of her and Elijah to start a romantic relationship (for now).

Does Hayley and Klaus end up together?

Unfortunately, their relationship takes a turn for the worse when Hayley tried to take Hope away from Klaus. However, they somewhat reconcile later on and end up running away together with their daughter after Klaus’ sireline is broken, which sends all of his enemies rushing to kill him.

Who is Klaus in love with?

It was there that Klaus and Aurora first laid eyes on one another. Klaus remarked how Aurora was exquisite. They soon fell in love and began their secret affair. Not long after Lucien became a vampire, Aurora soon discovered what Klaus and his family were.

What is the relationship between Klaus and Hayley?

The complex relationship between the Original Hybrid Niklaus Mikaelson and the non-original hybrid Hayley Marshall-Kenner. Klaus and Hayley first met in The Rager, when Hayley came to Mystic Falls to visit Tyler Lockwood, whom she helped to break his sire bond.

What happened to Hayley on the originals?

Hayley appeared to be hurt by Klaus’ lack of affection toward her and their unborn child and his seemingly lack of desire to see her live. Elijah later managed to convince Klaus that his and Hayley’s child could be their family’s one chance at redemption.

How did Elijah meet Hayley in always and Forever?

In Always and Forever, Elijah met Hayley in New Orleans and used his vampiric powers to show her visions of his memories of his family’s life when they were humans.

What happened to Klaus and Hayley in you hung the Moon?

In You Hung the Moon, after six months, Hayley and her pack are temporarily released from the curse, and she confronts Klaus for what he did to her and fights him, eventually resulting in her taking custody of Hope from him. They continue to share an antagonistic rivalry, but are allies for the sake of their daughter.