Did Yoteslaya die?

Did Yoteslaya die?

Brian Joseph Rickard † (December 17, 1982 – October 23, 2013 [aged 30]), better known online as YOTESLAYA, was an American YouTube gamer. His channel was primarily focused on games such as Black Ops II and Borderlands 2, but he played other video games also. He passed away on October \ 2013 from an automobile accident.

Did Mcskillet die?

August 23, 2018
McSkillet/Date of death

What YouTuber died in a car crash?

star Corey La Barrie
YouTuber Corey La Barrie died on his 25th birthday after being involved in a car crash with a drunk driver, his family said on social media.

What happened to Corey Seavey?

The entire world is mourning the tragic loss of Corey La Barrie. after the beloved YouTuber was killed in a car crash on Sunday, May 10. Now, Why Don’t We’s Daniel Seavey has opened up about how he pulled Corey out of the car after the accident and held him until paramedics arrived.

What happened to Corey La Barrie and Daniel Seavey?

YouTuber Corey La Barrie was killed in a car crash on his 25th birthday, as his friend Ink Master star Daniel Silva, who was allegedly behind the wheel, is reportedly slated to be booked for murder. Silva, 26, was allegedly in the driver’s seat and did not suffer life-threatening injuries in the wreck.

How much was Mcskillets inventory worth?

“He genuinely seemed to care for everyone and he was probably one of the nicest all round people I’ve ever met.” McSkillet is said to have had a “skin” inventory estimated to be worth more than $100,000.

Did Seavey save Corey?

RIPDaniel Seavey Says He Pulled Corey La Barrie Out Of Car & Held Him After Accident. The entire world is mourning the tragic loss of Corey La Barrie.

Who pulled Corey La Barrie from car?

Daniel Seavey
Why Don’t We’s Daniel Seavey opened up about the final moments of Corey La Barrie’s life. He said he pulled Corey out of the car and held him after the crash.

What happened to Corey from why don’t we?

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the day Corey La Barrie, a popular YouTuber, died in a car crash on his 25th birthday. La Barrie was a passenger in a McLaren sports car driven by his friend and celebrity tattoo artist Daniel Silva when it crashed into a tree in Valley Village, Los Angeles.

Why was trade banned from McSkillet?

In May 2018, Trevor was banned from CS: GO trading, which had involved thousands of Skins and a total of 62,000 skins and cost over $200,000. Trevor had somewhat claimed that he stopped uploading due to the ban.