Did servants kill Aarushi?

Did servants kill Aarushi?

After ruling out former domestic servants of the family, the police treated Aarushi’s parents—Dr. Rajesh Talwar and Dr….2008 Noida double murder case.

Aarushi-Hemraj double murder case
Attack type Murders
Weapons Undetermined
Deaths 2
Victims Aarushi Talwar Hemraj Banjade

What do Rajesh and Nupur Talwar do now?

While Rajesh is trying to reestablish his dentist practice, Nupur is finding ways to volunteer in NGOs. Only the two of them lived in that house, but there was the constant presence of a third person, which was Aarushi. She was there all over their walls and they couldn’t stop talking about her every now and then.

Who killed Aarushi movie?

Aarushi, Hemraj killed by the Talwars: CBI officer tells Court. Teenager Aarushi Talwar’s sensational murder five years back was carried out by her own dentist parents Rajesh and Nupur Talwar and no outsider was present at the time of the crime, CBI told a court here today.

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What is the story of Aarushi Talwar case?

The Noida double murder case refers to the unsolved murders of 13-year-old girl Aarushi Talwar and 45-year-old Hemraj Banjade, a male live-in domestic worker employed by her family. The two were killed on the night of 15–16 May 2008 at Aarushi’s home in Noida, India.

What happened to Aarushi’s parents?

Her parents were suspected. May 23: Rajesh Talwar, Aarushi’s father, was arrested for double murders. June 1: CBI took over the case from Noida police. June 13: Krishna, domestic help of Talwar’s was arrested. June 20​: ​ Lie detection test of Rajesh Talwar was conducted.

Who helped Hemraj in Aarushi case?

The case initially thought Hemraj to be a murderer, but after finding his half decomposed body on the terrace, the suspicions turned down. There were theories made that Rajesh Talwar, father of Aarushi Talwar, was the convict and Nupur Talwar helped him.

What is the CBI’s report on Aarushi murder case?

According to CBI’s final report, there were several theories, and the parents of Aarushi Talwar, Nupur Talwar, and Rajesh Talwar were accused as murderers. However, there was no solid evidence against them; on the contrary, the evidence collected did not match the accused. The murder scene was tampered with.