Did Brett Favre break his receivers fingers?

Did Brett Favre break his receivers fingers?

Brett Favre broke a lot of fingers. He threw with the same velocity on short routes as he did deep routes, which might not have been so smart, but you can never ever deny that Brett Favre had cannon.

How many games did Favre play with a broken thumb?

Brett Favre will extend his NFL record for consecutive starts by a quarterback to 186 Sunday when the Green Bay Packers face the Bears at Lambeau Field. He will extend his streak of Games Played by a Quarterback With a Somewhat Broken Thumb to six.

How many injuries did Brett Favre play through?

Throughout two decades in the NFL, Favre suffered 19 injuries, according to ESPN. The laundry list of maladies includes a first-degree left-shoulder separation, right-elbow tendinitis, a torn right biceps, and likely multiple concussions.

Who hurt Brett Favre?

According to Sports Illustrated, the price to knock Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre out of the NFC title game was $35,000. The NFL said in 2012 that Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma offered two “five stacks” ($10,000) to knock Favre out of the game.

When did Favre break his thumb?

In this case, Favre completed a pass to Bill Schroeder during the Packers’ Aug. 23 exhibition game against Denver in Madison. But he also banged his right thumb on the helmet of blitzing linebacker John Mobley on the follow through.

Does Brett Favre have brain injuries?

Favre, who played 20 seasons in the NFL, has said he doesn’t know if he has CTE but added that he is already experiencing memory loss due to the traumatic concussions he experienced during his playing career, according to NBC News.

How old was Brett Favre last game?

After years of speculation by the media and fans, Favre officially filed his retirement papers with the NFL in January 2011. Favre was 41 at the time, but even his age didn’t stop people from talking about the possibility of him returning to the field.

When was Favre’s last game?

December 31, 2006
On December 31, 2006, the Packers played their last game of the season, winning 26–7 in the second game against the Chicago Bears. It was his 22nd career win versus the Bears, moving him to an all-time record of 22–8. Overall, Favre finished the 2006 season with 3,885 passing yards, 18 touchdowns, and 18 interceptions.

Does Favre have CTE?