Can you walk the Huddersfield Narrow Canal?

Can you walk the Huddersfield Narrow Canal?

Now that the Huddersfield Narrow Canal has been restored and re-opened it is possible to walk the towpath along the entire length except for Standedge Tunnel between Diggle and Marsden and Bates Tunnel in the centre of Huddersfield.

Where does the Huddersfield canal start and finish?

It runs just under 20 miles (32 km) from Lock 1E at the rear of the University of Huddersfield campus, near Aspley Basin in Huddersfield, to the junction with the Ashton Canal at Whitelands Basin in Ashton-under-Lyne. It crosses the Pennines by means of 74 locks and the Standedge Tunnel.

How long is Huddersfield Narrow Canal?

19.3 miles
Huddersfield Narrow Canal

Huddersfield Narrow Canal
Length 19.3 miles
Locks 74
Maximum boat dimensions Guide only – weather conditions can affect water levels
Length Width Draught Headroom 21.35m 70ft 2.08m 6ft 10″ 0.75m 2ft 5” 1.88m 6ft 2″

Where does the Huddersfield Narrow Canal go?

The Huddersfield Narrow Canal runs for 20 miles between Huddersfield in West Yorkshire and Ashton under Lyne in Greater Manchester, UK. The summit of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal is the highest navigable waterway in Britain.

Can you cycle the Huddersfield Narrow Canal?

The towpath of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal is generally accessible to bikes with only one barrier to negotiate, being just before reaching Slaithwaite. The towpath narrows as it heads towards Huddersfield, just as the navigable section of the canal seems narrower.

Is the Rochdale canal open?

The Rochdale Canal is in Northern England, between Manchester and Sowerby Bridge, part of the connected system of the canals of Great Britain….

Rochdale Canal
Locks 91 (92 as built; two locks merged)
Status Open
Navigation authority Canal & River Trust

What canal goes through uppermill?

Huddersfield Narrow Canal
Uppermill was once famous for its wool and cotton mills. Sitting on the Huddersfield Narrow Canal and surrounded by the stunning Saddleworth Moor on the edge of the Pennines, today, Uppermill is a great place for canal and riverside walks with friends and family.

How many locks are on a Huddersfield canal?

74 locks
This canal runs for 32 km (19 3/4 miles) via 74 locks from Ashton-under-Lyne through the Pennine Hills to the centre of Huddersfield. It is the highest canal in the country.

Is the Rochdale Canal open?

Where does the Spen Valley Greenway start?

We start at Victoria Park on Cleckheaton Road, Bradford, before the greenway follows the path of the former Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway. Keen-eyed individuals will spot the LYR boundary stones and other remnants of the old line. This is part of Sustrans’ National Cycle Network Route 66.

Can you walk the Rochdale Canal?

Walking. It is possible to walk alongside the Rochdale Canal all the way between Sowerby Bridge and Manchester, with the exception of a few short detours mentioned below.

What canal goes through Rochdale?

The Rochdale Canal crosses the rugged heights of the Pennines from Manchester to Sowerby Bridge….Rochdale Canal.

Rochdale Canal
Length 32 miles
Locks 91
Maximum boat dimensions Guide only – weather conditions affect water levels

Where can you walk the Huddersfield Narrow Canal?

Follow the Huddersfield Narrow Canal from Greater Manchester into the Peak District on this easy waterside walk. The canal runs from Ashton-under-Lyne in Manchester to Huddersfield, passing lots of interesting towns and villages with some beautiful scenery to enjoy along the way.

Where can I Walk in Huddersfield?

Enjoy an easy stroll along the towpath of the Huddersfield Broad Canal on this walk in Huddersfield. The canal runs from the town centre of Huddersfield and heads north to Bradley, passing a series of locks and old mill buildings on the way.

Where can I Walk the Kirklees Canal in Yorkshire?

At Bradley you can pick up the Kirklees Way long distance footpath to extend your walk. You could head north to Hartshead or east towards Fixby along the path. The canal links also with the Calder and Hebble Navigation Canal at Bradley. In Huddersfield you can also pick up the Huddersfield Narrow Canal.

When did the Huddersfield Canal open to boats?

After being derelict for 50 years, it reopened to boats in 2001, thanks to the efforts of the local community and the Huddersfield Canal Society. There are strict beam constraints on this canal, which has pinch points at a number of sites and is only wide enough for boats up to 6’ 10’’.