Biography Sample: The stages of life and work of Auguste Comte (part 2)

Between three intervals, to differentiate in the task of Comte. The first period (1819-1828), the book of six little applications functions, «opuskul», defines nearly coinciding with all the period of its own co-operation with St-Simon. In “opuskul” he summarizes the rules and manners of the mental and societal change, where the requirements in a condition of “anarchy” of humanity. In these functions, you will find thoughts which can be equally the outcome for St- Simon starting place for. There currently exists several the most crucial notions which can be created after Comte, specifically, the theory of the special function of scientific researchers in the brand new culture; the differentiation between the two principal periods of human development: an essential and natural; the theory as well as the concepts of “favorable guidelines”; last but not least, the well-known “law of three phases”.


Only at that moment, Conte models technological and philosophical bases of doctrine that is positivist.

Let us assume that that sensible change needs to be preceded with a social (such as political, ethical, and spiritual). It’s in this interval seems primarily as a researcher so that as such conforms to the “goal” approach: it warrants the introduction of individual and societal serenity in the typical system of the cosmos, the subordination of individual issues organic course of things and sociology inclination (in-principle situated on the very best of the structure of scientific disciplines) to the normal sciences as an older before nearing the favorable state.

The ultimate and third period of originality Comte, starts the next half the 1940s. It is designated by the development of such operates as the four quantities of “favorable plan frame-work, or sociological treatise creating the faith of mankind” (1851-1854), “positivistic Catechism” (1852) and “summary functionality” (1856). Right now, Comte warrants mostly “summary” perspective as well as the “summary” approach. In the vanguard of his instructions away psychological variables of individual and societal li Fe, embodied in the idea of “heart”. Therefore, the chief objective of his focus would be the associations that satisfy with the psychological demands of the individual: religious belief and values. If in the prior measure Conte favored to make use of the style of “positive viewpoint”, “positive spirit”, “logical positivity” that currently he was frequently speaking about “positivism” as a doctrine by which mental, scientific components subordinate to the ethical, spiritual and governmental. The theoretical viewpoint adjustments: in the event the “Class” Comte highlights the “normal” nature of societal regulations, the significance of information of and subordination to them, now, however, to the contrary, it’s, in accordance with the “summary” point-of see, taking into consideration the social globe as a commodity of the emotions, may and act. During this interval, he seems less than a researcher, as in other parts: prophet, moralist, and high priest of a brand new faith, the writer of the governmental and societal endeavors.

There are just two factors of look at the proportion of the periods mentioned in the works of thinker. Some analysts think the third period is compared to the first two and is a critical denial of the initial technological-theoretical jobs. To put it differently, Comte as the creator of a job that is utopian as well as a fresh faith does not have anything regarding Comte – the creator of the medical world-view that is positivist. This see is kept, specifically, the well-known enthusiasts of positivism Comte France E. Littre and Englishman David. Artwork. Factory. These were influenced by the thoughts of the “Program of Optimistic Viewpoint.” They shattered making use of their writer, when, inside their view, the writer shattered with one of these thoughts.

The third period was, regarded by the others, including Comte as the logical and normal decision of the initial two. From using this standpoint, the three intervals of development and will not convey, also, is not a revolutionary change of center, as well as the assorted phases of execution of the exact same notion, one that has been developed in “opuskul”. These of his admirers, who understand and “class” (two period) and “Program favorable guidelines” (I-II interval), it’s regarded “complete” positivists; the same who was a patron of just the “Class” – “in complete”.

Nevertheless, refusing a submit the information of his viewpoints, Comte in once understood the change inside their social and rational function (of the researcher – a preacher of the brand new faith), stating “changed Aristotle profession in the profession of St. Robert …” [1, X-XIII].

No matter the best way to evaluate the association involving portions and the assorted intervals of Comte’s philosophy, needless to say, that it connected and permeate each additional medical and low- members that are medical. However, the job of the annals of sociology – to analyze first the components that are medical predicated on the standards that have been recognized in the primary address. It’s these aspects of the philosophy of Comte, who afterwards acquired the continuance just isn’t religious belief or values, maybe not as a scientific discipline in sociology, as well as in interpersonal actions or politics.