Best Premier League Midfielders of All Time

Best Premier League Midfielders of All Time

In recent years, the Premier League was blessed with an unprecedented array of young superstars and players that have built a history for themselves that will endure for generations of football to come. Either it is the midfielders, defenders, the forwards, or the goalkeepers — the league saw individual players transcend the role of ordinary footballers and become stars and heroes of the land บาคาร่า

It’s said that football is a game that often won or lost in midfield. Personnel in the center of the pitch have always been a vital feature of title-winning sides. Every brilliant league-winning squad had iconic performances from the center of the match by the spectacular midfielders in the ground แทงบอลออนไลน์

Here, we have listed down some ‘‘Best Premier League Midfielders of All Time”.

  • N’GoloN’Golo Kante | Leicester City, Chelsea:

The stocky midfielder from Paris has made great strides since he made his Premier League appearance in Leicester City. N’GoloN’Golo Kante has been one of the driving factors for winning 2015/16 season of the ‘Foxes’ fairytale Premier League.

Kante is potentially the best ball-winner in the field of his time. Whether that’s lower in the middle while performing as a pivot or higher up while pushing teams, he can do everything. The 29-year-old has an ability that helps him to push hard and interrupt the opponent’s play constantly.

Kante won second Premier League the year after he arrived from Leicester in Chelsea with Antonio Conte. Attempting to draw acclaim from soccer experts, fans, and professionals alike, Kante could go down as one of the finest in the Premier League by the time he leaves. He participated in 127 league games and won nine goals within this period.

  • Yaya Toure | Manchester City

One of the gigantic personalities of Manchester City’s comparatively in recent past, Yaya Toure, was indeed a one-person show. This Ivorian is gifted with an extensive set of skills that helped him dominate the play independently.

Standing at 62, “Toure was a remarkable combination of players who could not only powerfully impose themselves on the midfield but also eloquently manipulate the goal. His strategy and ball handling were exquisite, helping him blast past opposition teams as they’re not anywhere.

His goal-scoring skills were nothing less spectacular, and he had a catalogue of single stellar goals in manchester city. Toure was an outstanding shooter of the ball, and he paired this skill with his upsurge in the opponent’s half.

Toure was literally invincible on his day. He made 230 league appearances, scored 62 goals, and scored 30 assists in England’s time. The Ivorian has three Premier League cups to prove this.

  • Cesc Fabregas | Arsenal, Chelsea

Since breaking into the picture as a prodigious 17-year-old, Cesc Fabregas stormed the Premier League. He was the youngest-ever goal scorer and midfielder in Arsenal, making himself the undoubted name of Arsene Wenger. After such a successful Arsenal mission, he returned to his old club in Barcelona and experienced more popularity in Spain.

Upon returning to England, amidst so much chaos, the Catalans joined Chelsea, the city’s rivals. During his first year at Stamford Bridge, he directed the Blues to the Premier League title and proved to be an excellent pick for them.

His potential to ping sublime long throws over the ground area is surpassed only by a very few game legends. Fabregas was a metronome-like no other, and his ability to regulate the speed of the game turned Chelsea’s side. He smashed the opposition lines for entertainment, discovering then-Chelsea striker Diego Costa via the obstacles of opposing players frequently.

Fabregas appeared in 350 Premier League games, scoring 50 goals within that time. His history of 111 assists in the league is comparable only to the one of Ryan Giggs, a record holder, and among one of the only four men to cross the 100-assist mark.

  • Roy Keane | Manchester United, Nottingham Forest

Roy Keane, the most influential captain of the Premier League era, was an enigma. On the playing side, he was unmatched in his career in many ways, most notably that of provocation on the field and getting the ball back. Keane could bring the ball up the field, smash opponents’ attempts, and cover any blade of grass in the field.

However, he was also a highly polarizing character. The symbol of Manchester United was a golden age-defining player for the Red Devils and led his team by example. His mind went hand-in-hand with his strong dynamics and tireless energy to last the entire 90 minutes while spanning the length of the field.

Like Vieira, Keane is regarded as a conventional holding midfield player; he has developed a more aggressive style. He scored 39 goals in his 366 games and set another 33. Keane has a record of seven Premier League championships under his title and headed the Red Devils to a remarkable treble in 1999.

  • Frank Lampard | West Ham, Chelsea, Manchester City

Chelsea’s club icon and new manager, Frank5-007, was a sensation and had a brilliant career playing for the Blues. He came to Stamford Bridge from West Ham in 2001 as a talented youngster in the early 20s, left behind their best goal scorer, and likely their finest ever player.

He was a popular midfielder who performed a variety of roles during his career. Having played a comparatively higher position earlier on in a more competitive role, he gradually shifted to a deeper middle ground. The precise passing, perception, and willingness of the Englishman to manipulate the game implied that he could play right-back and still threaten the opponent.

His 102 assists (fourth-highest) and 177 goals (fifth-highest) mean he’s one of only three players with more than 100+ assist and goals in the league. The three-time Premier League champion has won a Player of the Year award for his impressive 2004/05 season.

Some other well-known Premier League midfield players are:

  • Paul Scholes
  • Kevin De Bruyne
  • Steven Gerrard
  • David Silva
  • Patrick Vieira
  • Claude Makelele
  • Luka Modric