Are Super Pro bushings good?

Are Super Pro bushings good?

Due to SuperPro bushing design features, there will be no increased noise, vibration or harshness (NVH). If you’re looking for better driving performance, direct steering, long service life, sharper and more responsive handling, then SuperPro poly bushings are the best solution.

Are polyurethane bushes good?

For anyone looking to upgrade their suspension, poly bushings are a great choice. Here’s how poly stacks up against rubber: Ride Quality: Due to their hardness, polyurethane bushings often lead to a bumpy ride. Since they’re not as good at dampening, passengers are also subjected to a lot more noise and vibration.

Where are SuperPro bushes made?

All SuperPro products are engineered in Australia and are Built to last. This is backed by the lifetime warranty offered by SuperPro for all their bushings. All SuperPro Suspension Bushings, Sway Bars and Suspension Arms are covered by a Lifetime Warranty.

How long do Powerflex bushes last?

As long as the standard rubber bushes work without serious failure for two or three years then the manufacturer is happy.

Where is SuperPro made?

Better Through Design, Made in Australia. SuperPro is an innovative Australian manufacturer of automotive polyurethane suspension bushings, control arms, swaybars and other suspension components for both 4×4 and performance vehicles.

Who makes SuperPro?

Each polyurethane bushing is produced in-house with stringent quality control, and come with a 3yr/ 37K mile warranty. The SuperPro line of polyurethane bushings are produced by Fulcrum. Established in 1976, Fulcrum has been producing their SuperPro line of bushings since 1985.

Why choose SuperPro bushes?

The Superpro bushes are free pivoting and distort less under load to enhance handling and provide better vehicle control. Superpro’s chemical formulation resists the aging effects of oil, acid, water, all of which are present in any automotive application & easily destroys rubber.

What is the difference between SuperPro and rubber bushings?

SuperPro bushes are designed to fit an exact parameter of housing dimensions. SuperPro basically takes an OE bushing and analyses it completely to see what they can do to make it the best possible suspension bushing. This includes adding design features for fitment, long service life and correct alignment issues not addressed by rubber bushings.

Do I need to Grease my SuperPro bushings?

SuperPro provides grease to all bushing kits, purely for installation and assembly of the bushing. Regular greasing is not required for SuperPro bushings as the surface of SuperPro poly is naturally slippery.

What is supersuperpro suspension?

SuperPro Suspension, prides itself on application engineering, creating a bushing meant to be used for a specific vehicle and purpose. Allowing for better vehicle traction, alignment and durability on and off road.