Are Ping Eye 2 Irons good?

Are Ping Eye 2 Irons good?

Wildly Popular since their mid 80’s inception, the Ping Eye2 Irons are the original, and still one of the best cast, perimeter weighted cavity back irons on the market. The heads are bigger than blade type irons but not huge so you can still move them through the rough. I also appreciate their durability.

What is the loft angle on a Ping Eye 2?

Newer clubs feature stronger lofts throughout the set, giving them slightly more distance. For example, the Ping Eye2 5-iron has a loft of 28.5 degrees, while Ping’s K15, produced in 2010, has a 5-iron loft of 26 degrees. Other specifications such as lie angle and length have remained fairly constant over time.

Are Ping Eye 2 irons illegal?

Square grooves made headlines when the Ping Eye-2 irons were banned by the United States Golf Association for providing too much assistance to the golfer. They are now illegal in elite-level competition and will be in the organized amateur game by 2024.

What loft is a ping pitching wedge?

The basic pitching wedge has a loft of 46 to 48 degrees. It is designed for full shots when the 9-iron would create too long of a shot. The distance varies from one golfer to the next, but typically, amateurs hit the pitching wedge from 80 to 110 yards.