Are old Disney figurines worth anything?

Are old Disney figurines worth anything?

The Value of Disney Figurines Still, vintage examples can fetch an amazing price at auction, and the sum increases with the quality of the figurine’s preservation. Over on the Etsy marketplace, a vintage Lladro porcelain Peter Pan figurine is available for $1000. It’s in mint condition, which is valuable.

What Disney collectibles are most valuable?

Rare Disney Merchandise (Collectors Edition)

  • Enchanted Tiki Room Singing Bird ($153,400)
  • Cheshire Cat Prototype Jar ($799)
  • Original Disneyland Map and Prospectus ($80,000)
  • Celebration Mickey ($4,000,000)
  • Mickey & Minnie Mouse Charlotte Clark Dolls ($151,524)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Concept Artwork ($70,800)

What Disney books are worth money?

Top 100 Disney Comic Books by Value

  • 1) Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #1. Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #1.
  • 2) Four Color Comics #16.
  • 3) Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #2.
  • 4) Four Color Comics #9.
  • 5) Four Color Comics #386.
  • 6) Four Color Comics #4.
  • 7) Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #3.
  • 8) Mickey Mouse Magazine v5 #12.

How do I sell Disney collectibles online?

Buyers Online Last but not least, many websites will help you find buyers for your Disney collectibles. Just to name a few, you can consider selling your Disney collectibles on Facebook Marketplace, on eBay and on Craigslist.

How do I sell Disney figurines?

Best Places To Sell Your Disney Collectibles For Fast Cash

  1. Neatstuff Collectibles.
  2. Local Collectibles Store.
  3. Local Pawn Shop.
  4. Local Collectors Group.
  5. eBay, Craigslist & Facebook Marketplace.

Are Vinylmations worth anything?

Vinylmation figures just never had that appeal as they remained an item that only Disney fanatics would purchase. The figures are worth $10 to $12 with little growth on the secondary market. Collectibles will increase in value once they sell out, but that was not the case for most Vinylmations.

What is the rarest Disney Key?

Opening Vine collectable key
The Disney Store Opening Vine collectable key is one of the rarest keys around. The Imagination Key is part of the “Top 6”, which collectors are always seeking, however the price on these keys normally range well into the thousands of dollars that for many it would only be a dream to have.

Where is the best place to sell Disney collectibles?

Best Places To Sell Your Disney Collectibles For Fast Cash

  • Neatstuff Collectibles.
  • Local Collectibles Store.
  • Local Pawn Shop.
  • Local Collectors Group.
  • eBay, Craigslist & Facebook Marketplace.

Where can I sell my Disney products?

Vendefy Is Going To Be Your New Favorite Way To Buy And Sell Disney Collectibles. Vendefy is a brand new app currently available on the App Store that allows users to browse, buy, and sell products with no fees!

Where are neat collectibles?

E Middletown, NY
Neat Stuff Collectibles 680 Route 211 E Middletown, NY Toy Stores – MapQuest.

How much are my Vinylmations worth?

Does Disney still sell Vinylmation?

Trading. Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts have recently stopped official trading because vinylmations are considered “collectibles” not “traders”. However, despite Disney’s ban on trading, trading still happens between private collections.

Where can I find a price guide for Disney Collectibles?

You have come to the right place! IGuide?is proud to host the online Disney Collectibles Price Guide.The price guide is maintained by Jon R. Warren, whose price guide books have been the authority on collectibles values since 1985. The searchable database consists of detailed reports on a ever-growing list of items.

What are the most expensive Disney characters on eBay?

Pocahontas is one of the most influential Disney characters. The merchandise and toys sell for a high price on eBay. A mint condition River Rowing Pocahontas and Meeko set still in the original box sold for $190 on eBay. 15 Beauty and the Beast Belle Watch – $210

What are some of the rarest Disney memorabilia for collectors?

Set of 2 6-1/2 inch glasses, featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Made in Japan. Mint in box original… WALT DISNEY The Story of the AristoCats full-color illustrated book and long play 33-1/3 RPM Record… Rare piece of Disney memorabilia for collectors! Vintage WALT DISNEY Song of the South Uncle Remus

What are the dimensions of the Disney iGuide?

Buying or selling without checking iGuide could be hazardous to your wealth. 8 inches tall. 8-1/4 inches deep. 6-1/2 inches wide. The bottom reads “Walt Disney / Dumbo / 2…