5 Reasons why Bitcoin is a Better Investment Than Real Estate

5 Reasons why Bitcoin is a Better Investment Than Real Estate

For decades, real estate investment is considered one of the best investments to provide high returns. But in 2020, this idea is entirely obsolete. More return opportunity is there in bitcoin investment. Most of us know that the value of real estate property appreciates, but bitcoin also appreciates faster than real estate properties.

There are several points that many of us are even not aware of. The reasons why bitcoin is considered a better investment than real estate are many. One bitcoin’s cost is so much that you can easily buy two real estate properties using it. You can learn by anon system website very easily.

It would be best to buy your first bitcoin understanding of the market condition when the bitcoin price is low. After that, you can earn handsome money through it.

5 reasons why bitcoin is a better investment than real estate:-

There are several reasons why bitcoin is the supreme investment currently compared to real estate properties. Therefore let’s explore the facts that reflect why bitcoin is a better investment than real estate.

1. Physical existence:- Real estate properties have a physical existence, and it is challenging to keep the property safe and secure. On the other hand, bitcoin has a digital presence, and useful software and a hardware wallet can keep the bitcoin safe and secure.

You need not make any extra investment for keeping your bitcoin safe. But in the case of real estate properties, you need to spend extra money for the safety and the security of the property.

2. Portability:- Real estate properties are not portable. You cannot carry the real estate properties from one place to another. If you are traveling somewhere, you cannot carry it with yourself. You need to bother about your investment when you are outside.

On the other hand, you need not worry about your bitcoin while you are traveling somewhere. You can easily carry your bitcoin along with yourself. You can check it wherever you want and whenever you want.

3. Selling properties:- The selling of a real estate property is much more hectic than selling bitcoin. In real estate properties, the buyer will like to see the property and visit the site.

In the case of bitcoin, no such location visit from the buyer’s end is not required. The buyer will not judge you regarding bitcoin’s quality the way they will do it in the case of real estate properties.

There is no hectic paperwork involved in the case of bitcoin selling like that of real estate properties. Bitcoin selling is an easy process compared to real estate properties.

4. Paperwork and permissions:- Both the seller and the buyer of the real estate property have to undergo lots of paperwork to sell the property. Along with that, you need to seek government permissions, and you will have to apply for the EMI’s for buying a property.

In the case of bitcoin, you need not pay any EMI neither you have to seek the permissions from the government. The entire system is decentralized, and there is no control of the third party here.

Hence, your risk involvement is less in bitcoin compared to your real estate investment. You just need to be careful in regards to your market scenario in the case of bitcoins.

5. Risk of loss:- The risk of loss in the case of bitcoin is less compared to the other mode of investments. On the other hand, if you gave rented to someone and that person did not pay you the rent, then chances of risk are higher.

Hence, it would be best to consider the risk factor while you will make any investment to buy an asset for yourself.


Hence, from the above information, it is evident that you can easily make a profitable investment if you choose bitcoin. The feasibility and flexibility factors are higher in the case of bitcoin. You need to understand the ways using which you can select your investment patterns. You cannot afford to take any rash decisions. Your correct decision can help you to gain more in the long run. Try to make a proper investment where the chances of loss are less and profitability is more. Hence make a judicious choice.