3 techniques for finding double cards Baccarat allows you to make money from winning 11 times bets.

3 techniques for finding double cards Baccarat allows you to make money from winning 11 times bets.

If talking about popular games in casinos or online casinos Must be raised to the card game baccarat Because there is an easy way to play and get money quickly, it is not unusual to be one of the most popular games that gambling enthusiasts play a lot. But to play for all that money It is necessary to have some techniques to play. One of the techniques to make money that has always been effective. Techniques for finding pairs of cards Baccarat sure enough.

The rules of winning with a pair of cards in Baccarat

According to the rules of playing baccarat, Players must predict the outcome of the cards that will be drawn. Each result has a different payout rate as follows.

  • If the dealer wins Payout ratio is 1: 0.95
  • If the player wins the Payout ratio is 1: 1.
  • If the tie, the payout is 1: 8.
  • If it comes out as a pair The payout will be 1: 11, or 11 times the stake.

Which will be defined as If the drawn cards have the same symbol And same colour Since the first two cards are revealed, they are all paired cards, so it is very attractive to players or even beginners. There should be a way to find a pair of baccarat. To be used for more accurate betting And to give you a chance to get a pair with a payout rate that is 11 times as high as this technique we will look at. Tell me, you shouldn’t miss it.

3 techniques for finding paired Baccarat cards

From the rules of Baccarat in this pair of cards That makes these gambling fans try to find a way to find a pair of cards Baccarat came up. And in this article, we have some techniques to let you know to help guide you in playing more then.

1. Choose a baccarat room that has the effect of paired cards more than 3 times.

This first method may require a bit of calmness. Because you will have to look for a table or a baccarat room that has already been betting for a while, or about 10 – 20 eyes to it. Which you have to wait and see if there are pairs of cards coming out often or not If a room has a pair of cards that are often released during this period It will be very likely that the game of Baccarat in that room. There will be a large number of paired cards as well. Then you can bet in that room right away.

2. In the end of the game, pairs of cards tend to have irregular circles.

Pairs often have an irregular draw. For example, if there were a large number of pairs in the early 30-50 turn. At the end of the day, the frequency of the paired cards will also decrease, so you should come in the middle. The game will be optimal Because there will be a higher chance of getting a pair of cards But if you’re in the late game, wait and watch the rhythm of the cards calmly Or win a card in other forms is better Using statistics of the cards that come out to help with that

3. Pair and tie cards often come together.

Statistically, pair and tie cards often come out at the same time, provided that if the tie card comes out The next hand does not exceed 3 – 4 turns, the pair cards will not exceed this. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people will always wait and see before playing a pair of cards, which I have 2 techniques to bet on pairs. From looking at the tie card with a high chance of winning, that is, when the tie card comes out and the next turn, bet on the pair immediately. Or the second way to bet on a pair of cards and so on for 4 turns after the card always comes out

Precautions before betting on pairs

When you know the techniques and methods of finding a pair of Baccarat cards, next is a precaution that you should not be overlooked while playing it at a reputed site such as Gclub (จีคลับ). By playing baccarat bets, how to find pairs of cards may be the way to get the highest returns. But the risks are also huge. Sometimes it is necessary to find new techniques and strategies to switch between them. And should not be attached to the old style Try to open up to bet in many ways, should watch the rhythm of the cards well, calmly, do not rush, just as this will allow your betting to have the opportunity to make a profit back even more.

Playing Baccarat is not difficult. You only learn playing techniques. To help increase the chances of winning bets, such as a technique for finding a pair of baccarat. When you know this technique And be used for placing bets Believe that next time You will have the opportunity to successfully play Baccarat and definitely win high prizes.