Will EB2 and EB3 India be in the October 2021 Bulletin?

Will EB2 and EB3 India be in the October 2021 Bulletin?

Visa bulletin predictions Update Aug 19, 2021 – Charlie says do not expect any movement in EB2 and EB3 India in the Oct bulletin. Dates will most probably remain the same as Sep 2021 bulletin. USCIS has announced that they are keeping their best foot forward to reduce the Green card number wastage as much as possible by Sep 30, 2021.

What are the EB2 and EB3 green card predictions for India?

EB2 India Predictions for Green card movement. EB3 will stay ahead of EB2. Both queues may reach 2014 quickly in 2022. Be ready with documents. David Bier from the CATO institute has projected that USCIS might be on the way to waste most of the Oct 2020 spillover if not all, based on their Oct-Dec 2020 i485 processing data.

What is the annual allocation for EB2 visa in India?

Example: EB2 India has an annual quota of 7% * 28.6% * 140,000 = 2802 visas per year. If the demand in EB2 India is more than 2802 per year, then DOS (Department Of State) establishes a cuttoff date so that annual allocation does not exceed 2802 per year. Q. What about spillovers? A.

What are the chances of an EB2 to Eb3 downgrade in 2021?

The chances are low until Oct 2021 but it is an indication that you should be ready with your i485 documents to file fast preferably in the first week itself. The biggest factor in the predictions is how many people actually file EB2 to EB3 downgrades and how many get their EB3 i140 approved within the next 12 months.

Will EB2 and EB3 ‘date of filing’ dates stay the same?

EB2 and EB3 ‘Date of filing’ dates should stay the same and USCIS will most probably keep the ‘DOF filing’ chart closed until Sep 2021. My estimations are based on the above numbers and the fact that about 120k extra green cards have been added to the employment-based total in Oct 2020.