Why is the Sachertorte famous?

Why is the Sachertorte famous?

The world’s most famous cake, the Original Sacher-Torte, is the consequence of several lucky twists of fate. The first was in 1832, when the Austrian State Chancellor, Prince Klemens Wenzel von Metternich, tasked his kitchen staff with concocting an extraordinary dessert to impress his special guests.

What is the origin of the Sachertorte?

We owe the invention of the Sachertorte to pastry chef Franz Sacher who created it in 1832 in the capital of Austria. Sacher was asked by Prince Klemens von Metternich, heir to a wealthy family of hoteliers of Jewish origin, to prepare a special dessert for a guest because the official court pastry chef was ill.

Who created Sachertorte?

Franz Sacher
Let there be cake! In 1832 Prince von Metternich instructed the merely 16-year-old apprentice Franz Sacher to create a dessert for his discerning guests.

How much is a Sachertorte?

Via its website a 19cm (7.5in) diameter sachertorte costs 36.50 euros ($50.40; £29.80).

What does Sachertorte mean in English?

: a rich chocolate torte with an apricot jam filling.

What does Sachertorte taste like?

The Sachertorte is a refined, elegant combination of chocolate flavors, complemented by a compulsory mound of Schlag. The whipped cream is an important part of the picture, as it moistens the frankly firm cake layers. Every bit of Sachertorte is supposed to be dipped in the whipped cream.

Is Sacher torte German?

listen)) is a chocolate cake, or torte of Austrian origin, invented by Franz Sacher, supposedly in 1832 for Prince Metternich in Vienna. It is one of the most famous Viennese culinary specialties.

Is Hotel Sacher a true story?

The story begins with Eduard’s death and Anna’s tough decision to take over the management of the Hotel. The series is based on real events of the time and also on the life of Anna Sacher and mixes them with fictional stories of the upper and lower classes.

Who won the Viennese cake war?

Although Hotel Sacher confirmed to Insider that it won in the end, the two companies have a complete duopoly over the Sachertorte market (every bakery, cafe, and restaurant across Austria serves the cake), both in Vienna and when it comes to shipping abroad.

How is Sachertorte pronounce?

noun, plural Sa·cher tortes, German Sa·cher tor·ten [zah-khuhr -tawr-tn]. a chocolate cake covered with apricot jam and chocolate icing, usually served with whipped cream.

Do you keep Sachertorte in the fridge?

No Refrigeration Needed We recommend storing the Original Sacher-Torte at 16°C – 18°C for the best freshness and taste. Avoid refrigeration.

What does Sacher mean in English?

What is the Original Sacher-Torte?

The Original Sacher-Torte is still hand-made using Franz Sacher’s original recipe to this day, and is best enjoyed with a dollop of unsweetened whipped cream. (Chocolate) dreams do come true! Spoil yourself or your loved ones back home with our Original Sacher-Torte and other Original Sacher Specialties!

What are some of the best Austrian desserts?

Nusstorte provides another outstanding example of Austrian patissiers’ love of endless experiments with nuts, rum and layers. Walnuts dominate the cake’s flavour, a sponge and vanilla custard cream variation dominate its texture.

Who made the first Black Forest Cherry torte?

There are 2 different claims as to who made the first Black forest Cherry torte. Josef Keller ( 1887-1981) is the inventor of the Black Forest cherry cake. Keller was the pastry chef in the Café “Ahrend” (today called Agner) in Bad Godesberg.

What makes Austria’s most flamboyant cake?

Austria’s most flamboyant cake wears a shiny pink coat of punch topped with an occasional candied cherry. Expect a good 6cl of rum to soak the sponge of a batch of 12 Punschkrapfen. Apricot jelly, chocolate and cherry juice finish off the Krapfen’s composition.