Why is Hawaii Island called Moku O Keawe?

Why is Hawaii Island called Moku O Keawe?

Hawai’i Island is called Moku o Keawe (Island of Keawe) in honor of an ancient island chief. Taking its name from the word meaning spewing or much spreading (of lava), Kīlauea volcano continues to actively increase the island’s size as its lava flows down to Hawai’i’s southeastern coastline, forming new land there.

What is the meaning of Moku?

moku To cut and divide; a cutting, division, separation. (PPN motu.) 2. n. District, island, islet, section, forest, grove, clump, severed portion, fragment, cut, laceration, scene in a play.

How many Moku are in Hawaii?

six moku
In our genealogy chants and mele, Hawaiʻi island, the largest of all the islands in the Hawaiian archipelago, is noted as the first born child born of Papahānaumoku and Wākea. Hawaiʻi has six moku (districts) and over 600 ahupuaʻa (see map 2124 to right).

What are the Moku of Maui?

The Moku ʻO Wailuku Ahupuaʻa Sign project is a cultural grants program funded by the County of Maui Office of Economic Development. It aims to bring awareness of Maui Nui’s ancient land division system. On the island of Maui, there are a total of 12 traditional land divisions or moku.

What is a Hawaiian oli?

The Oli (Hawaiian Chant) falls into two broad categories, mele oli and mele hula. Mele oli are chants delivered with no musical instruments and are generally performed by one individual. However, mele hula are chants accompanied by dance and or musical instruments and are often performed by a group.

What are Hawaiian chants called?

Chants, called mele, recorded thousands of years of ancient Polynesian and Hawaiian history. A mele chant is a poetic form of song that tells a story. They can be classified into two general categories, mele oli and mele hula.

What are the names of the Moku?

On the island of O’ahu, there are six districts; Honolulu or Kona, Ko’olau Loa, Ko’olau Poko, Wahiawa, Wai’anae, and ‘Ewa. This is the second level of land division.

What Moku is Hawaii Kai in?

In the 1876 map, the Hawaii Kai area (known traditionally as Maunalua) was a part of the Ko`olaupoko moku, or district.

How many Ahupua A on Molokai?

Makahiki was an annual religious ceremony that allowed the God Lono to make a clockwise circuit around the island to bless the land with fertility, and to ensure that each of the 81 ahupuaʻa were planted most efficiently with food.

What Moku is Kaneohe?

Moku Manu, or Bird Island in the Hawaiian language, is an offshore islet of Oahu, three-quarters of a mile off Mokapu Peninsula. Moku Manu and an adjacent small islet are connected by an underwater dike….Moku Manu.

Highest elevation 202 ft (61.6 m)
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Who is Moku o Keawe?

Moku O Keawe – The Island of Keawe recalls and honors a 17th-century chief, Keaweʻīkekahialiʻiokamoku (Keawe the One Chief of the Island,”) whose reign was ascribed “such peace and prosperity as the island of Hawai‘i had not enjoyed since the time of his ancestor Līloa”. (Barrere, deSilva)

Who wrote the song he Aloha Moku o Keawe?

More than five decades after “He Aloha Moku O Keawe” was composed, Pūku‘i suggested that Bill Ali‘iloa Lincoln rescue the mele from Roberts’ yellowing collection, and Lincoln agreed to create a new melody for the old piece.

What is the significance of heiau o Keawe?

Hale O Keawe, at the northern end of the eastern wing of the Great Wall at Puʻuhonua O Honaunau, was named after and either built by or for Keawe around 1700. In ancient times the Heiau served as a royal mausoleum, housing the remains of deified high chiefs.

When did King Keawe live?

Keawe was believed to have lived from 1665 to 1725. He is sometimes referred to as King Keawe II, since prior to him there was already a King Keawenuiaumi. He was son of Keākealaniwahine, the ruling Queen of Hawaiʻi and Kanaloa-i-Kaiwilena Kapulehu. Keawe was the great-grandfather of Kamehameha I.