Why does Cecil become a Paladin?

Why does Cecil become a Paladin?

Accompanied by Porom, Palom, and Tellah, Cecil must climb the mountain to atone for his slaughter of the residents of Mysidia (depicted in the game’s intro). By doing so, he can become a Paladin – a holy warrior that possesses the power required to defeat the villain Golbez.

Is Cecil a Dragoon?

Kain and Rosa followed in the footsteps of their parents and became a Dragoon and a White Mage respectively, while the king had Cecil train to be a Dark Knight. Cecil harnessed the job’s dark powers and became one of the kingdom’s top warriors and was promoted the captain of Baron’s airship fleet, the Red Wings.

How old is Cecil in ff4?

Cecil Harvey
Age 20
Job class Paladin Dark Knight (formerly)
Gender Male
Height 178cm

Is Cecil a Lunarian?

Notable Lunarians include Fusoya, Kluya, Cecil Harvey, and Golbez. Of the four, Fusoya and Kluya are full-blooded, while Cecil and Golbez are half-blooded; therefore the latter pair has an unspecified fraction of the Lunarians’ powers and abilities.

Which Final Fantasy has Cecil Kain?

Final Fantasy IV
Kain Highwind is a playable character in Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. He is a Dragoon from the kingdom of Baron, Cecil Harvey’s childhood friend and adoptive older brother.

Are Cecil and golbez brothers?

Type of Villain However, he is eventually revealed to be the older brother of the game’s main hero Cecil Harvey, mind-controlled by the game’s true villain, Zemus. He was voiced by Takeshi Kaga in the Japanese version, and Peter Beckman in the English version.

What Final Fantasy game has Cecil?

Released in 1991, it is the fourth main installment of the Final Fantasy series. The game’s story follows Cecil, a dark knight, as he tries to prevent the sorcerer Golbez from seizing powerful crystals and destroying the world….

Final Fantasy IV
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

Is Cecil evil?

Cecil is an evil, corrupt, and manipulative night guard who pretended to be friends with Larry Daley. He and his colleagues tried to frame him to get what he wants, which led to his fate.

Is Cecil and golbez?

Why did Kain betray Cecil?

Cain became the first murderer by killing his brother out of jealousy stemming from God choosing Abel’s gift over that of Cain. This reflects the love triangle between Kain, Cecil and Rosa, Kain being jealous of Cecil being the target of Rosa’s affections and not him.

What happened to Cecil in Final Fantasy 4 the after years?

In Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Cecil maintains the noble character of a Paladin, but as a Mysterious Girl appears, his mind and character change radically. Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

What kind of character is Cecil in F4?

Towards his friends, Cecil is loyal, self sacrificing and exceptionally forgiving, being able to forgive even those who betray him. In Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Cecil maintains the noble character of a Paladin, but as a Mysterious Girl appears, his mind and character change radically.

What are some good quotes for Final Fantasy X?

Your fate is in your hands! ― Auron, Final Fantasy X. Your pain shall be twofold! ― Auron, Final Fantasy X. This is for the fallen! ― Auron, Final Fantasy X. Fine, we rest. She’s worse than the storm. ― Auron, about Rikku, Final Fantasy X.

Does Cecil look like his mother?

Even though Fusoya claims Cecil resembles his father, Kluya, in his youth, it is stated Cecil greatly resembles his mother, Cecilia, even being named after her. In Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Cecil wears a suit of white armor, but with dark spikes on the knees and pauldrons, and a brown cloak with blue stripes around the neck.