Why are the French striking today?

Why are the French striking today?

Strikes are planned today (October 5) across France, in protest at issues such as rising energy prices, changing rules for unemployment and retirement benefits, and reduced spending power. Some strikers are also protesting the Covid health pass, which the CGT described as a form of “liberticide”.

Why are workers in France on strike?

Hundreds of undocumented workers go on strike in France to demand their rights. Hundreds of undocumented workers in the Paris region have been on strike since Monday to demand legalization of their employment status.

Is there an airline strike in France?

AIR STRIKE DESCRIPTION: currently, there are no air strikes planned in France. AIRPORT STRIKE DESCRIPTION: National industrial action by security staff in the airports of Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle (CDG), Paris Orly (ORY).

Are strikes legal in France?

Any employee of a private company is entitled to participate in a strike. Striking is a fundamental right in France which cannot be framed by employers.

Why is Paris on strike?

Unions are calling for a further strike at Paris airports July 1-5 as part of a dispute over proposed amendments to terms of employment.

What is France airport?

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. Paris Orly Airport. Bordeaux–Mérignac Airport. Beauvais–Tillé Airport. Lyon–Saint Exupéry Airport.

Who cant go on strike in France?

It is an individual right that is to be exercised collectively. In other words, it is necessary for several employees to decide, together, that they will stop work as a means of furthering work-related demands. One employee alone cannot go on strike except in the framework of a national strike.

Can you strike without a union in France?

No. Anyone working in France can go on strike, but public sector strikes need to be declared by at least one union. Between 2010 and 2017, the number of French strike days was 125 per 1,000 employees, according to a study by the European Trade Union Institute.

Are trains on time in France?

Re: Do TGV trains usually run on time? Traditionally TGV trains (and most other trains in France) have been exactly on time. If the train is scheduled to leave at 16:10, and you arrive at 16:09:55, you can jump on, but if you arrive at 16:10:05, you can only wave goodbye to the train.

Is France or Italy safer?


STAT France
Perceived problems > Problem violent crimes including assault and armed robbery 41.4 Ranked 39th. 7% more than Italy
Murders > WHO 0.8 Ranked 173th.
Fear of crime > Feels safe walking alone > During the day 75.79 Ranked 56th.
Serious assault rate 0.3 Ranked 67th.