Who won league in 79 80?

Who won league in 79 80?

The 1979–80 season was the 81st completed season of The Football League….1979–80 Football League.

Season 1979–80
Champions Liverpool
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Who won the Premier League in 1981?

Aston Villa
2 May 1981: Aston Villa seal their first league title for 71 years despite losing their final game of the season 2–0 to Arsenal as Ipswich Town lose 2–1 to Middlesbrough, their third League defeat in four matches. Norwich City are relegated after a 3–2 home defeat to second-bottom Leicester City.

Who won the English league in 1979?

8 May 1979: Liverpool beat Aston Villa 3–0 at Anfield to clinch the First Division title. They finish unbeaten at home this season, and have scored 51 and conceded just four goals in 19 wins and two draws.

Who won the Premier League in 1980?

Premier League » Champions

Year Winner Country
1981 Aston Villa England
1980 Liverpool FC England
1979 Liverpool FC England
1978 Nottingham Forest England

Who won d2 1980?

FA Cup holders West Ham United returned to the First Division by becoming Second Division champions.

Who Won Premier League in 1982?

15 May 1982: Liverpool win the Football League championship for the 13th time after they beat Tottenham Hotspur 3–1 and Ipswich Town lose 3–1 at home to Nottingham Forest.

Who won the Premier League in 1978?

The 1978–79 season was the 80th completed season of the Football League. Bob Paisley won his third league title at Liverpool as his side fought off competition from Nottingham Forest and West Bromwich Albion.

Who Won Division 1 in 1980s?

The 1980–81 season was the 82nd completed season of The Football League. Ron Saunders completed the revival of Birmingham club Aston Villa, as they won the First Division for the first time in 71 years….First Division.

Season 1980–81
Matches played 462
Goals scored 1,228 (2.66 per match)

Where did Liverpool play in the 1981 League Cup Final?

D 1 Highbury, London 52,539 Villa, Crooks 2 League Cup Final 1981 Venue Gate Notes D 1 Liverpool 1 1 West Ham United D 2 Wembley Stadium (Empire Stadium), London 100,000 aet Kennedy A Stewart League Cup Final 1981 Replay Venue Gate Notes D 1 Liverpool 2 1 West Ham United D 2 Villa Park, Birmingham 36,693 Dalglish, Hansen Goddard

Who are the best football players of the 1980s?

Season 1980-81 1 Bobby Robson – Ipswich Town 2 Ron Saunders – Aston Villa 3 Bob Paisley – Liverpool

Which stadium was used in the FA Cup in 1981?

Season Report Other Seasons Cup and International First Division Second Division Third Division Fourth Division Cup Competition FA Cup Final 1981 Venue Gate Notes D 1 Tottenham Hotspur 1 1 Manchester City D 1 Wembley Stadium (Empire Stadium), London 99,500 aet Hutchison OG Hutchison FA Cup Final 1981 Replay Venue Gate Notes D 1

What happened to the bottom four teams in the Premier League?

The bottom four league sides faced re-election and were joined in the vote by non-league Altrincham in the vote for league membership.