Who was the founding member of the Communist Party of Ireland?

Who was the founding member of the Communist Party of Ireland?

The earliest attempt to form a communist political party in Ireland was a result of the Socialist Party of Ireland, founded by James Connolly, changing its name to the Communist Party of Ireland and affiliating with the Communist International in 1921.

Who led the People’s Democracy?

It was initially led by a committee of ten members which consisted of Queen’s University students Malcolm Miles, Fergus Woods, Anne McBurnley, Ian Godall, Bernadette Devlin, Joe Martin, Eddie McCamely, Michael O’Kane and Patricia Drinan, as well as Kevin Boyle, a law lecturer at QUB.

Who are the main parties in Northern Ireland?

Political parties

  • unionist parties, such as the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), the Ulster Unionist Party, (UUP) and other smaller parties such as the Progressive Unionist Party (PUP) and Traditional Unionist Voice (TUV)
  • nationalist parties like Sinn Féin and the SDLP.

Who are the loyalists in Northern Ireland?

Ulster loyalism is a strand of Ulster unionism associated with working class Ulster Protestants in Northern Ireland. Like unionists, loyalists support the continued existence of Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom, and oppose a united Ireland.

When was Ireland communist?

Communist Party of Northern Ireland
Founded 1941
Dissolved 1970
Preceded by Communist Party of Ireland
Succeeded by Communist Party of Ireland

Is there a Communist Party in UK?

The Communist Party of Britain (CPB) is a communist political party in Great Britain committed to Marxist–Leninist theory. The party emerged from a dispute between Eurocommunists and Marxist-Leninists in the Communist Party of Great Britain in 1988.

Do Marxists believe in democracy?

In Marxist theory, a new democratic society will arise through the organised actions of an international working class enfranchising the entire population and freeing up humans to act without being bound by the labour market.

What do you mean by people’s democracy?

People’s democracy was a theoretical concept within Marxism–Leninism and a form of government which developed after World War II and that allowed in theory for a multi-class, multi-party democracy on the pathway to socialism.

What party controls Northern Ireland?

Party details

Party Current leader Position
Social Democratic and Labour Party Colum Eastwood Centre-left
Ulster Unionist Party Doug Beattie Centre-right
Alliance Party of Northern Ireland Naomi Long Centre
Green Party in Northern Ireland Clare Bailey Centre-left

Why did the Catholic and Protestant fight in Ireland?

Unionists and loyalists, who for historical reasons were mostly Ulster Protestants, wanted Northern Ireland to remain within the United Kingdom. Irish nationalists and republicans, who were mostly Irish Catholics, wanted Northern Ireland to leave the United Kingdom and join a united Ireland.