Who used the OB XA?

Who used the OB XA?

The synth was used in the opening to the famous Van Halen song “Jump.” Many other 70’s, 80’s and 90’s artists have used the synth including New Order, The Police, Queen, Rush, Rod Stewart, Prince, Miles Davis, Simple Minds and Gary Numan.

Who used the Oberheim?

Miles Davis
The Oberheim synth crossed also the path of one of the most influential and acclaimed figures in the history of jazz and 20th century music: Miles Davis. On the album Star People, he plays trumpet and Oberheim synthesizer—often at the same time—for the over-18-minute-long title track.

Is discoDSP OB XD free?

discoDSP OB-Xd 2.0 is available now as a free download for PC, Mac, and Linux. A $49 donation is available with which you can purchase the synth and support future development. But the plugin is free and doesn’t require a “commercial” license.

What synth did Styx use?

The three instruments used togther were the Moog Taurus I bass pedals played by Chuck, the Oberheim OB-1 for the midrange section played by James Young, and the Arp String Ensemble for the high end played by Dennis DeYoung. The author also states that in earlier days an ARP 2600 was being used.

Does Oberheim still make synthesizers?

Oberheim Electronics is an American manufacturer of audio synthesizers and a variety of other electronic musical instruments. Founded in 1969 by Tom Oberheim (a former designer and contract manufacturer for Maestro)….Oberheim Electronics.

Founded 1969
Products Signal processing, synthesizers, sequencers, drum machines

What keyboard did Styx use?

As Tony says, he’s using an RD700, and many VSTs. That is a Roland organ module he uses. As far as his sometimes over the top showmanship, he mentioned once in an interview that Styx is his outlet for such behavior, and he’s just having fun.

What happened to Oberheim?

Oberheim/Gibson Oberheim went bankrupt and was acquired in 1985 by a group of lawyers who changed the name to Oberheim ECC. Tom was creatively still at the helm, although he left the company within a couple of years to start a new venture called Marion Systems. Gibson had split from its parent company, Norlin, in 1986.

Does Behringer own Oberheim?

Behringer’s parent company Music Tribe still owned Oberheim trademarks in various other countries, but these have now been returned to Tom Oberheim, too. Smith previously collaborated with Tom Oberheim on the OB-6 synth. Behringer, meanwhile, is pressing ahead with its UB-Xa, a souped-up reboot of the OB-Xa.

What kind of keyboard does Lawrence Gowan use?

Roland All-Access: Lawrence Gowan (Styx, Gowan) and the Roland RD-2000 Stage Piano.

How old is Lawrence Gowan?

65 years (November 22, 1956)Lawrence Gowan / Age

What is an OB-X synthesizer?

The OB-X was the first Oberheim synthesizer based on a single printed circuit board called a “voice card” (still using mostly discrete components) rather than the earlier SEM (Synthesizer Expander Module) used in Oberheim semi-modular systems, which had required multiple modules to achieve polyphony.

Where can I download the OBXD synth?

The synth is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions and can be downloaded now from the Obxd website. Update: A Mac version and a folder of AU presets have now been added to the Obxd site too. RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU…

What is the Oberheim OB-X?

The Oberheim OB-X is an analog polyphonic sound synthesizer. First commercially available in June 1979, it was introduced to compete with the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, which had been successfully introduced the year before.

Is the Oberheim OB-X the best analog polyphonic?

I used to own a Matrix-6R but it didn’t sound near as good as the OB-X. The Oberheim OB-X is a unique sounding classic analog polyphonic, but with many of them in disrepair they are not easy nor cheap to restore. This is not a restore job for the novice DIYer.