Who says RKO Outta Nowhere?

Who says RKO Outta Nowhere?

Randy Orton
Randy Orton has discussed what he thinks about the ‘RKO Outta Nowhere’ meme going viral a few years ago, and how he says it helped his work in the ring.

When did Randy Orton RKO Evan Bourne?

Randy Orton has recalled the iconic RKO he hit on Evan Bourne as Bourne flew through the air attempting a shooting star press. The magic moment happened on an episode of Raw in July 2010. Bourne attacked Orton in the ring before making his way to the top rope to hit his ‘Air Bourne’ shooting star press.

Does Randy Orton do the RKO?

Randy Orton is best known for his finishing maneuver, The RKO, but what does it mean.

What does it mean when someone says RKO?

What Does RKO Mean? This acronym is actually the initials of the very well-known WWE wrestler “Randy Keith Orton” and is also the name of his signature finishing wrestling move “Randy’s Knock Out.”

Who invented the RKO?

Randy Orton’s
Randy Orton’s RKO has taken out every heavy hitter from Hulk Hogan to John Cena. So it may come as a surprise that the maneuver was innovated by John Laurinaitis — the former Raw General Manager who is better known to the WWE Universe for his misguided governance than his Japanese ring career.

What is Evan Bourne’s finisher?

Evan Bourne (born March 19, 1983) is an American professional wrestler currently wrestling in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)….Evan Bourne.

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Who does the RKO in WWE?

WWE. Who originated the RKO? Randy Orton might be the best known practitioner of the RKO, but did you know The Apex Predator didn’t create the move?

Is RKO a Diamond Cutter?

Whether it’s called the “Ace Crusher,” the “Diamond Cutter,” the “RKO,” or everything in between, this versatile, quick maneuver can change the course of a match out of nowhere.

What is Randy Orton’s RKO move?

The RKO has been immortalized as a move that can be hit from “outta nowhere.” Sometimes when it looks like Orton is about to be defeated in a match, he reverses his opponent’s finishing move and nails an RKO. Less than a year after debuting on the main roster, Randy Orton was paired up with Triple H in their Evolution stable.

Does Randy Orton have the best finishing move in WWE?

Randy Orton has one of the most devastating finishers in WWE today! The Viper can hit an RKO outta nowhere when reversing an opponent’s finisher! “The Viper” Randy Orton has one of the best finishing moves not only in WWE but in professional wrestling.

What happened between Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy?

As Hardy was holding the neck of a bent-over Orton for his Twist Of Fate finisher, Randy swiftly spun himself out of the hold, spinning Hardy in the process and making both wrestlers do a 360. Before completing the spin, Orton had leaped up for an RKO and caught Jeff to perfection, all in one motion.

What happened in the Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton match?

Reigns had Randy lined up for The Spear, but just as Roman was about to make contact, Orton leaped up and dropped Reigns face-first to the mat with an RKO; stunning Roman and allowing Orton to clothesline him over the top rope to win.