Who owns stratco Australia?

Who owns stratco Australia?

Jarrod Stratton –
Jarrod Stratton – Managing Director – Stratco Australia | LinkedIn.

Does stratco use colorbond?

Stratco’s CGI cladding has the timeless appeal of a corrugated profile combined with high strength, adaptability and easy handling and installation. CGI Corrugated is available in a wide range of COLORBOND® steel colours and finishes, and ZINCALUME® steel.

How much is a stratco Pavilion?

Cost of Stratco Pergola

Stratco Pergola Costs Zip Code Sq. ft.
Basic Better
Stratco Pergola – Installation Cost $162.50 – $167.50 $175.00 – $182.50
Stratco Pergola – Total $1772.50 – $1787.50 $2310.00 – $2320.00
Stratco Pergola – Total Average Cost per square foot $35.60 $46.30

How much does a stratco carport cost?

Stratco carport cost Stratco carports can cost anywhere between $1,500 and $7,000.

Is stratco Australian made?

Stratco’s continued success has resulted in the company having manufacturing and retail facilities in all mainland States and Territories of Australia and New Zealand.

What do stratco do?

About Stratco | Steel Manufacturing, Hardware Retail.

Is stratco steel made in Australia?

Is Zincalume cheaper than colorbond?

Is Zincalume cheaper than Colorbond? Zincalume is cheaper than other steel products including Colorbond, meaning it can fit into the most modest budgets. If you are looking to build a relatively cheap shed, Zincalume provides a good balance between cost and durability.

How much does a patio cost Australia?

Those who select coloured concrete can expect the average cost of a patio to be $50 to $200 m2….How Much Does a Patio Cost?

City Average Cost Per Square Metre
Sydney $35 – $80
Melbourne $40 – $80
Brisbane $35 – $90
Perth $50 – $100

Where is stratco roofing made?

All of our metal roofing products are manufactured in Australia to meet Australian Quality Standards!

Why choose Perth’s STRATCO patio installers?

Perth’s Quality Patio Installers As an authorised dealer for Stratco Outback, we specialise in the quality installation of patio’s, carports and pergola’s. With extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in the Stratco Patio range, you can rest assured you are in good hands to create the home lifestyle that you have been dreaming of.

Why choose a STRATCO verandah?

Stratco is the only major manufacturer of verandahs, patios and carports that has a nationwide chain of home improvement stores and a highly professional network of Authorised Dealers. So you can be sure we have your outdoor lifestyle needs covered. Talk to Stratco when making a decision about the best verandah or patio for your home.

Why buy a STRATCO Outback ®?

Enjoy outdoor living with the wide range of verandah, patio, carport and pergola solutions offered by the Stratco Outback ®. Attractive, high quality patios with a huge range of styles and options.

Where is STRATCO’s Canning Vale store?

We are easily accessible, sitting just off the Roe Highway on Bannister Road. Stratco’s Canning Vale store holds a wide range of products to assist you with your home renovations, repairs and DIY projects.