Who owns National Foods in Zimbabwe?

Who owns National Foods in Zimbabwe?

The company has 2 major shareholders; Innscor Africa Limited 37.73% and Tiger Brands 37.45%. The National Foods Workers Trust, which was established in 1985 by way of a Donation also owns 9.85% of the company.

Who is the owner of National Foods?

Abdul Majeed is Co-Founder, Director and Chairman of National Foods Limited (NFL) and Associated Textile Consultants Private Limited (ATC). As a key leader in NFL, Mr. Abdul Majeed’s experiences have been diverse from the very beginning, adding depth and insight to the culture of the company.

Is National Foods under innscor?

Innscor acquired shareholding in National Foods in 2003 and today holds a 37.82% share with Tiger Brands holding a 37.45% share.

How old is National Foods?

National Foods is Zimbabwe’s largest food manufacturer. The company was established in 1920 and produces a broad range of basic foods including maize meal, flour, cooking oil, margarine, rice, salt, snacks, biscuits, pasta, sugar beans, baked beans, popcorn, as well as soap and a full range of animal feed.

Who owns Innscor Zimbabwe?

Mill-Bake Segment

Michael Lashbrook Group CEO
Nigel Weller Managing Executive – Traded Goods
William Kapfupi Managing Executive – Cereals, Culinary and Baby Foods (CCB)
Vikas Swami Managing Executive – Downpack
Nqgabutho Moyo Operations Executive – Flour

What is the national food of Canada?

As far as Canadian foods go, poutine truly is a national dish and one you may well have heard of before. A hearty combination of chips, flavourful gravy and cheese curds, poutine is a comforting dish that makes an appearance on most menus in the French-influenced province of Quebec.

Who is the owner of Shan Masala?

. Sikander Sultan
Company Profile A visionary entrepreneur, an avowed humanist and a committed philanthropist, Mr. Sikander Sultan, Chairman, Shan Foods (Pvt.) Ltd, helped pave the way to success by pioneering in the spice business with a single room operation.

Is irvines under innscor?

2009 – Irvine’s began a joint venture with Innscor. There was a good synergy between the two groups and Irvine’s grew from strength to strength.

Who is the owner of innscor?

Zinona Koudounaris
The company was founded by Zinona Koudounaris in 1987 and is headquartered in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Who is the owner of Chicken Inn?

Chicken Inn F.C.

Full name Chicken Inn Football Club
Capacity 8,000
Chairman Lifa Ncube
Manager Joey Antipas
League Castle Lager Premier Soccer League

What is China National Food?

Peking Duck
In China, Peking Duck is considered the National Dish and has been made there for centuries. It is known for its very crispy skin and beautiful caramel color.

What is the national food of USA?

The national dish of USA is your favourite – Hamburger. Its a popular sandwich made of bun or sliced bread rolls stuffed with veggies, sauces and of course beef patties, and then grilled to perfection.

What are the most popular foods in Zimbabwe?

The main staple of Zimbabwean cuisine is maize/ corn and is used in a variety of dishes. Food in Zimbabwe has remained traditionally African for the most part, however British colonization certainly left its mark. Common British spices, breads, sugar and tea have become part of the daily life in Zimbabwe.

What food do people eat in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe cuisine is interestingly straightforward and pretty much revolves around staple foods. The most common of which is sadza, a thick porridge made of white maize. Sadza is to Zimbabweans what rice is to Asians. It is eaten every meal and served with meat, gravy, greens, and beans.

What are the most agricultural products in Zimbabwe?

Other major agricultural exports from Zimbabwe include: sugar, tea, coffee, cotton, fruit and vegetables, flowers, seeds, maize, animals and birds, beef and dairy products and wildlife and poultry meat.

What is the culture of Zimbabwe?

Culture of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has many different cultures, which may include beliefs and ceremonies, one of them being Shona. Zimbabwe’s largest ethnic group is Shona. The Shona people have created many sculptures and carvings of gods (idols), which are made with the finest materials available.