Who opened for u2 in 1983?

Who opened for u2 in 1983?

The Alarm
Many of the shows featured the Welsh band The Alarm as the opening act. During this tour, they appeared before one of the largest audiences in US music history: on Memorial Day at the US Festival in San Bernardino, California, they appeared at noontime on the third day of the festival before a crowd of over 125,000.

When was u2 War tour?

December 1, 1982 – November 30, 1983
War Tour/Periods

Who has opened for u2?

308 acts have opened for U2….Select cookies to accept.

Opening Act Concerts
Big Audio Dynamite 10
Big Audio Dynamite II 28
Big Country 3
Big Thorp 1

How many Tours has u2 done?

This is our full list of U2 concerts. We currently have 2006 live performances in our database, with a total of 963 songs played….All U2 Concerts (1976-present)

Date Venue Name Song Count
Nov 06, 2018 Dublin, Ireland at 3Arena 22
Nov 05, 2018 Dublin, Ireland at 3Arena 22
Oct 28, 2018 Belfast, Northern Ireland at SSE Arena 22

Who opened for U2 in 1993?

Two other DJs replaced him later on the tour: Paul Oakenfold, who became one of the world’s most prominent club DJs by the decade’s end; and Colin Hudd. For the 1993 concerts, U2 invited Irish theatre group Macnas to join the tour and perform between the support acts.

When did the Pixies open for U2?

A Glimpse Backstage at the U2 and Pixies Concert — Miscellany News 3 April 1992 — Vassar Newspaper & Magazine Archive.

When did U2’s New Year’s Day come out?

The 1983 song was released as the lead single from the album “War.” It was U2’s first international hit and altered their career trajectory forever. “New Year’s Day” stormed the United Kingdom charts, hitting number 10, and was the band’s first song to be featured on the United States Billboard Hot 100.

What was U2’s first UK hit song?

“New Year’s Day” was U2’s first UK hit single, as well as their first major international hit. Getty U2’s song “New Year’s Day,” an instant pop hit of its time, has become a rock classic to be rolled out at the end of the year simply because of its festive name.

When was the song New Year’s Day released?

And you could be forgiven, given that it is called “New Year’s Day” and it was released in January 1983. Here’s the song in question, as seen in a studio-recorded promo video – enjoy the haircuts!