Who needs to fill out Form I-864A?

Who needs to fill out Form I-864A?

The I-864A should be completed if a household member is willing to contribute to the primary sponsor’s income to meet the financial requirement equal to or above 125% of the U.S. poverty level for their household size. If a joint sponsor agrees to co-sponsor the immigrant, then they complete a separate I-864.

How is household size I-864 calculated?

The household size is calculated by including all of the below:

  1. The sponsor (yourself).
  2. Your spouse, if you are currently married.
  3. Your dependent unmarried children under the age of 21 years.
  4. Any other dependents listed on your most recent federal income tax return, even if that person is not related to you.

What is I-864A used for?

Form I-864A, Contract between Sponsor and Household Member, is an attachment to Form I-864 that serves as an agreement between the sponsor of an immigrant to the U.S. and a member who lives in the same household who is willing to provide financial support for the immigrant.

What is I-864A form?

Form I-864A, Contract Between Sponsor and Household Member, is an attachment to Form I-864, Affidavit of Support Under Section 213A of the INA. A separate Form I-864A must be used for each household member whose income and/or assets are being used by a sponsor to qualify.

How do I upload my affidavit of support to NVC?

To submit documents, log into CEAC and go to the “Start Now” buttons located under Affidavit of Support Documents and Civil Documents. When you have uploaded all the required documents for each section, press “Submit Documents”.

What documents do I need to submit with I-864?

For U.S. citizens or U.S. nationals, a copy of your birth certificate, passport, or certificate of naturalization or citizenship. For lawful permanent residents, a copy of both sides of your Form I-551, Permanent Resident Card.

How much annual income is required for affidavit of support?

The most common minimum annual income required to sponsor a spouse or family member for a green card is $21,775. This assumes that the sponsor — the U.S. citizen or current green card holder — is not in active military duty and is sponsoring only one relative.

How do you calculate assets on I-864?

8. What amount of assets required for I-864 sponsorship? The total net cash value of assets must equal five times the difference between the sponsor’s (or joint sponsor’s) income and 125% of the poverty level for the household size.

What is the difference between i 134 and i-864?

Form I-134 affidavit of support is generally used when the visa sought is a nonimmigrant visa while the Form I-864 affidavit of support is required when the foreign national is applying for an immigrant visa, either at a US consulate or through adjustment of status with the USCIS.

Do I need to fill out i864a?

When filing Form I-864A, it is important to fill out the form completely and provide all required information with your initial filing. This will reduce processing delays and errors in communication. Please read and follow the filing tips to ensure proper processing. Note: All 8 pages of Form I-864A must be submitted.

How to fill out form i-864a?

Select the template you need from the library of legal forms.

  • Choose the Get form button to open the document and start editing.
  • Fill in the required boxes (these are yellow-colored).
  • The Signature Wizard will enable you to put your electronic signature right after you have finished imputing information.
  • Add the relevant date.
  • Do I have to submit i-864a?

    The principal immigrant must submit one original Form I-864 for his or her file along with supporting financial evidence of the sponsor’s income. A Form I-864 is considered original if it is signed in black ink. The principal immigrant should also submit photocopies of the completed Form I-864 for each family member traveling with him or her.

    Do I need a file an i-864a form?

    The visa applicant needs to file a Form I-864A to have his or her assets included in the minimum income level calculations. Can free housing be counted as income? Yes, financial sponsors receiving housing and other benefits in place of salary may count those benefits as income.