Who lives in Shamshan Ghat?

Who lives in Shamshan Ghat?

The śmaśāna is said to be abode of ghosts, evil spirits, fierce deities, tantrics. Therefore, people in general prefer to avoid going near śmaśāna at night. Per Hindu rituals women do not go to śmaśāna, only males go to śmaśāna to perform last rites. Only the Doms and Chandalas reside in or near śmaśāna.

What is Shamshan Ghat?

A shamshan ghat (cremation ground) is a platform designed for the cremation of bodies. A shamshan ghat (cremation ground) is a platform designed for the cremation of bodies. Typically, it is built near rivers or fresh streams so that ashes can be disposed of after cremation in accordance with Hindu tradition.

Why does Shiva live in Shamshan?

Shamshan is full of energies of astral beings and other life forms and it presents a great environment to observe and interact with these beings. The while tantra is knowledge given by shiva which deals with properties and interaction with these beings. Shiva is the ultimate seeker and giver of knowledge .

Does Lord Shiva live in graveyard?

Shiva is beyond the worldly things , and he stays in Rudra_kshetra, the burial ground. Shiva is free from this cycle of life and death, so He is untouched.

What do you call an Indian cremation?

A Hindu priest and senior family members conduct the cremation ceremony (‘mukhagni’). Traditionally, the mukhagni is only attended by men, however, modern Hindu funerals allow women to attend. The day after a Hindu funeral, the ashes are scattered over a sacred body of water or a place of importance to the deceased.

Can ladies go to crematorium?

As per the beliefs of the Hindu rituals, women must not take part in any proceedings and services that go beyond the boundaries of the street. This also includes not visiting the shamshan ghat for the last rites. The cremation ground is the place that is designed to perform the last rites.

Who is Shamshan Kali?

Shamshan Kali is the goddess as protector of the cremation grounds. Cremation is very important in Hindu society, particularly among Tantric sects, and Shamshan Kali protects the sacred cremation sites.

Why does Mahadev live in Smashan?

Shiva is free from this cycle of life and death, so He is untouched. Shiva is Bhasmanga_raya, means Shiva smears ash of the Cremation grounds on his body. Shiva is Digambaraya , who is clothed as sky. Shiva is Smashaanavaasi, which means that Shiva resides in Smashan ( burial ground).

Can we keep Asthi at home Hindu?

Since ashes cannot be kept at home, as per Hindu tradition, we are keeping them in the ”Asthi Kalash Bank” till the lockdown is over. The bank at Bhairon Ghat, however, is being utilized by people in the lockdown and there are 60 urns containing ashes that have been kept in the lockers since the lockdown was imposed.

Can a Hindu be buried?

Unlike common Hindus, sadhus or the holy Hindus are not cremated but buried. While Hindus generally cremate the dead, the bodies of saints and children are buried.

Who can do Asthi visarjan?

If asthi are to be immersed after the 10th day then it should be done only after the performance of the ritual of tirtha-shraddha. Book Priest / Pandit for Asthi Visarjan In Kashi. All the Puja Samargi will be brought by panditji. All the pandits are well experienced and will perform as per Shastra.